Villa Preferred Access VIP Treatment for Vacations to Mexico

There are so many perks that people enjoy when they become a vacation club member in Mexico. Mexico is a great vacation destination for family and friends who are wanting to make memories together that will last them a lifetime, especially for Canadians and Americans. Breathtakingly beautiful beaches, fine dining, and perfect weather year-round are just a few things that Mexico is known for. As a result, many foreigners decide to join a vacation club in Mexico, because it’s just a quick flight away. In Mexico, the Villa Group Resorts is one of the top vacation club providers. They have nine amazing resorts in five of the most sought out destinations in Mexico. Read below if you want to know more about vacation club memberships with the Villa Group Resorts.

Villa Group Resorts Membership

When you become a vacation club membership with the Villa Group Resorts, you will enjoy so many benefits. You and your family will be having quality vacations, and making memories that last a lifetime. Today is the time when everyone needs to keep their lives simple and put a priority on the things that matter to us the most, which are family and friends. Many people like to enjoy great travel experiences, so investing in a vacation club membership is an obvious choice. If you join Villa Group Resorts, you and your family can immediately start enjoying wonderful Mexican vacations, but you will be prepaying for them at today’s low rates. That way, you will save money in the long run which is another huge benefit to becoming a vacation club member with the Villa Group Resorts.

Villa Preferred Access – VIP Treatment For Vacations to Mexico

Villa Preferred Access VIP Treatment for Vacations to Mexico

As a Villa Group Resorts vacation club member, you can choose from several different membership plans. If you want your family to have the absolute best Mexican getaways, then you may want to purchase an upgrade membership plan such as the Villa Preferred Access. You will get so many more benefits than the standard membership at Villa Group Resorts when you upgrade to Villa Preferred Access. To begin with, an attractive benefit for many members is the points redemption program, and this allows vacation club members to pay for extra services and privileges using their points to make their time in Mexico even better. You can use the timeshare points for a variety of services such as poolside massages, or even a candlelight gourmet dinner in the privacy of your spacious suite. The Villa Preferred Access redemption points can be used for a private chef, a spa treatment, beautiful fresh flowers, and so many more services and products. When you make your reservation, all you need to do is ask what options are currently available for you. When you use your Villa Preferred Access redemption points, you will be the one deciding what makes a dream vacation to Mexico everything you dreamed of and more.

Villa Preferred Access Points – How To Use Them?

Are you interested in learning how to use your redemption points, so your vacation to Mexico is just perfect? If so, then the first thing that you need to do is to call the Villa Group Resorts and make your vacation reservation. At that time, you can request to upgrade any amenities or services. You will need to request to use your timeshare redemption points so you can pay for any extras you want. Member Services representatives are also available if you need any extra assistance. When you arrive at the resort, the staff at the resort will be able to assist you with more information on how you can make the most of your points, too.

You have just learned how you can get the most from your vacation membership with Villa Group Resorts. The Villa Preferred Access gives you VIP treatment for vacations to Mexico. Are you ready to start planning your next Mexican vacation? If so, then call Villa Group Resorts today!

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