Should I beware Villa Group Scams?

Should I beware Villa Group scams? is a question that I encounter very commonly, and the answer has two sides. Sadly the prevalence of timeshare scams in the 90’s has left a huge level of mistrust when it comes to timeshare providers, despite the fact that the majority of providers these days are entirely genuine. This includes the Villa Group Timeshare.

The first thing to mention is that you are very unlikey to be involved in Villa Group scams, primarily because the Villa Group are a legitimate timeshare provider with over thirty years of experience, and a sparkling reputation to back them up. Villa Group Timeshare own and operate many brands and resorts all across Mexico, but, arguably, their most famous brand is the Villa del Palmar brand.

Villa Group Scams Uncovered

If you are buying directly from the Villa Group Timeshare, or one of its brands, you never have to worry about fraudulent activity; the Villa Group Timeshare are one of the most trusted brands in Mexico. There are some scams, however, that have been known to use the Villa Group’s reputation for fair play and reliability to cover up their own dishonesty. Such scammers might try to convince you that they represent the Villa Group when they do not. To avoid these people, follow some simple rules;

  • Only ever buy directly from the Villa Group Timeshare salesroom, and only ever from legitimate sales reps.
  • Never sign a Villa Group contract off-site, or process a payment away from the salesroom.
  • If a person tries to get you to do either of these things, or does not even offer you a tour of the resort then report the incident to the resort sales staff immediately!

Some Villa Group scams target existing members by pretending to be timeshare resale lawyers who have a buyer, keen to purchase the timeshare. They usually try to hook people with the promise of profit before charging a huge “processing fee”. Alternatively they might claim to be able to waive your timeshare maintenance fees, or cancel your timeshare altogether (without a fine). Once again these kinds of scams will ask for a large sum of money in return for their bogus services.

It should be noted, however, that such scams are NOT affiliated with the Villa Group Timeshare and work independently. If you buy your timeshare directly from the Villa Group, there is no risk to your investment at all!

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