When to Sell Your Timeshare?

When to Sell Your Timeshare

Many a person has begged this question; when is the right time to sell your timeshare? Well, that depends, really. If you always aimed to make a profit then you should sell when the market is best, and if you really want to be rid of it, or really really need the money, then you should sell when you need to. However, if you would rather keep your timeshare, and simply have some issues with it, then this can be solved!

When to Sell your Timeshare

The best advice when posed with this question of when to sell your timeshare is not to sell. There really is no great profit in selling your timeshare, especially as the main investment when it comes to timeshare is the experiences that you have and the vacation memories that you collect. To sell your timeshare is to give up on these privileges. Below you will find some reasons why you might be thinking about selling your timeshare and the solutions to these issues without having to sell your timeshare.

I want to see new places!

When you purchase a timeshare membership, many doors open to you – this also includes doors to other places! If you really just want to see other parts of the world for a while, you can add your timeshare week(s) to a vacation club such as Interval International. Interval International is an exchange network that invites timeshare owners to to trade their timeshares for accommodation all across the world!

I inherited this timeshare

Before you sell you might as well try your timeshare at least once; if nothing else it gives you the opportunity to see new places and experience new things! If you don’t like what’s on offer you could always rent it to friends and family; most people find that keeping an inherited timeshare makes good financial sense. Especially considering that you didn’t need to pay the initial fee.

My partner and I are getting divorced

Divorces are difficult emotionally, financially, and socially; it could be that your timeshare holds a lot of sentimental memories that you would rather forget. In these cases it could be that selling up is the best choice for you, however it could be more financially sensible to rent the timeshare and share the profits between you and your ex-spouse.

My financial situation is difficult

It could be that you find yourself in a position where yearly vacations are not an option, or even where paying your maintenance fees is a difficulty. The decision to sell your timeshare is not the only option available to you; you can rent it out, lend it to friends or family who cover the maintenance fees, or (if you can keep up with your fees) save the points until a vacation is financially viable for you. These options ensure that, when you get back on your feet, you still have all the benefits that come with your investment.

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