Mexican Timeshare Cooling Off Period Rules

Do you want to provide your family with quality vacations? Are you considering purchasing a vacation club membership in Mexico? You’re not alone, because many people just like you are learning that Mexico timeshares and vacation clubs are an amazing value. Today’s timeshare ownership and vacation clubs come with so many incredible benefits and perks you just can’t get at a hotel. You should contact the Villa Group Resorts in Mexico if you want to become a member with an award-winning vacation club provider. They currently have 9 resort properties in 5 of the top vacation destinations in Mexico. Do you also want to learn more about cancellation policies with timeshares? There are rescission laws in Mexico that allow new owners to cancel their timeshare without having any legal actions if it is done during the rescission period. Continue to read below if you want to learn more about the Mexican timeshare cooling off period rules.

Mexico Timeshare Cooling Off Period Rules

New vacation club owners can cancel their timeshare legally during the cooling off period. The cooling off period actually gives new owners extra time to think about their recent investment and purchase. Usually, members never want to cancel their membership, but if you do decide you want to, then you can do it during the cooling off period. The cooling-off period protects the seller and the buyer, and the cooling off period only applies to legitimate timeshare ownerships. You need to purchase your membership with a genuine Mexican provider and resale memberships are not eligible. You should always make sure you buy your membership with a genuine provider such as with Villa Group.

Mexican Timeshare Cooling Off Rules

One the cooling period has ended; you cannot cancel your timeshare legally. All new members should make sure to take the time to go over their purchase before they sign their contract. Buyers are protected by the cooling off period. However, be aware that there are scammers out there that try to take advantage of new vacation club members. These scammers lie to new members, so they can take your money. Now, since you are aware about potential scams you can stay protected. Remember, if you are within the cooling off period, you can cancel your timeshare without any outside assistance. Your contract will give you the specific dates for your cooling off period. To avoid any scammers, you should only deal with legitimate and reputable providers such as the Villa Group Resorts.

Cooling Off Period Expired – What Now?

After the cooling off period has expired, you will be unable to cancel your timeshare ownership legally. There is no cancellation company that can cancel your membership if the cooling off period has expired. You can try to sell your vacation club membership to someone else, and you can go over your options with your existing provider. However, while you are doing that, you will still need to keep your maintenance fees and any regular dues paid and up to date.

Did you enjoy reading this article about Mexican timeshare cooling off period rules? The vast majority of Mexican vacation club members are thrilled with their membership and never want to cancel. Are you ready to start having amazing vacations in Mexico? If so, then contact Villa Group Resorts to see if you qualify, then you can schedule your presentation and tour of the property. Before you know it, you can be enjoying an incredible vacation in Mexico with your loved ones.

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