Villa del Palmar – Timeshare Cooling off Period

One of the key questions you should ask when you attend a timeshare presentation and are about to sign your contract is how long you have for the timeshare cooling off period. The timeshare cooling off period varies from company to company, and in Mexico it can be anywhere from just a few days to a few weeks, depending on the timeshare company you buy from. For Villa del Palmar timeshare purchases, you should ask about the cooling off period while you are at the presentation, preferably while you are revising the details of your contract.

What are the benefits of the timeshare cooling off period?

The benefits you have during the timeshare cooling off period is that it gives you time to consider your purchase and whether or not you can afford the type of membership that you have bought. For instance, maybe you thought that you could afford to buy the equivalent points membership for a 2 bedroom suite for two weeks at Villa del Palmar Cabo, but once the excitement faded and you look at your bank statements, you realize that 1 week in a 2 bedroom suite is more suitable for your budget. During the timeshare cooling off period, there is still time to make any of these changes; likewise you can also upgrade your purchase to a 3 week timeshare or more.

The timeshare cooling off period is also the only time when you can legally cancel your timeshare contract completely. After the cooling off period you will need to prove that there has been some fraudulent action or that Villa del Palmar are in breach of the contract (which it is highly unlikely). Therefore, if you have any doubts, you need to decide within the cooling off period.

Timeshare Lawyers and Attorneys During the Cooling Off Period

There is no real need for you to pay a timeshare lawyer or attorney to cancel during the cooling off period of your Villa del Palmar timeshare. You should be able to follow the steps by yourself. Obviously, having someone working on your behalf is great if you have the budget to pay someone to help you cancel your timeshare during the cooling off period. However, it is not necessary. There are many timeshare scams that target new timeshare owners who wish to cancel their timeshare during the cooling off period, charging high sums of money when the process should cost you as much as the postage.

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