Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico (Today)

December 19, 2017 at 9:32 am

We have provided the favorite timeshare destinations in Mexico below. Once you have read about all the perks you can enjoy at each of these favorite timeshare destinations in Mexico you will want to book your vacation quicker.

Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta – Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

It seems that everyone that comes to Puerto Vallarta instantly falls in love with everyone’s favorite timeshare destination in Mexico. The city is situated around lush greenery and majestic mountains. Sunbathing and swimming is ideal at Banderas Bay. Eco tours allow visitors to explore the nature here, but if you would rather indulge in delicious foods, then Puerto Vallarta is the place for you. Puerto Vallarta is a food lover’s paradise as there are many different dining options from enjoying a meal at 5-star restaurants to taco vendors located on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Art lovers can go to the art galleries in downtown along with shopping, but one thing that this city is known for is its lively nightlife.

Riviera Nayarit – Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

The hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta can be left behind when you spend your vacation at Riviera Nayarit. You can kick back and relax on the beachfront where you can watch the Pacific Ocean waves gently hit the shore. If you are worried about getting to this city, then you shouldn’t because you can get here by taxi and it’s just a short drive. Lounging by the pool, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling can be enjoyed when you get here, then you can let loose when night arrives as there are many parties downtown or you can choose to party on a sunset sailing adventure.

Cancun – Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

Cancun is a fabulous place with a large variety of things to see and do. Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast and they have amazing white sandy beaches. Learning about the history of Cancun can be done by visiting the Mayan architectural ruins or you can do this at Uxmal, Tulum, and Chichen Itza. Dining, relaxing, or shopping makes a great day in Cancun.

Cabo San Lucas – Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

The natural and beautiful landscape, crystal turquoise waters so clear, stunning desert scenery, and the soft, white sandy beaches are just a few things that visitors can enjoy in Cabo San Lucas. A must see in the city is the El Arco Rock Formation where in the background visitors will see the mountains peering. Cabo San Lucas has become very popular and a favorite destination, and when you arrive you will see why. Once you discover the nightlife, outdoor adventures and activities, golf courses, and gourmet foods you will find it hard to leave Cabo San Lucas.

The Islands of Loreto – Favorite Timeshare Destinations in Mexico

Floating on a raft on the Sea of Cortez is a favorite pastime for visitors as you can look through the clear waters to see the schools of fish swimming and the vibrant reefs and marine life too. Activities above water can be done when you are done floating and lounging on the water. You can dine out and order the catch-of-the-day for dinner or you can even order the chocolate clams that is a favorite dish in the Islands of Loreto.

What’s your favorite timeshare destination in Mexico?

Top Mexico Beach Vacation Destinations

July 14, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Where are the top Mexico beach vacation destinations?

This is an easy question to answer, particularly if you like to take vacations in Mexico as there are some top Mexico beach vacation destinations that stand out from the rest. The top Mexico beach vacation destinations by most standards are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Loreto. These top locations are famed for glorious sunshine throughout the year, stunning beaches, a great selection of activities, top hotels and incredible geographical surroundings. What they also boast is an international airport making getting to and from these destinations all the more easy.

Top Mexico Beach Vacation Destinations in Full

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Top Mexico Beach Vacation Destinations

At the very tip of Baja California you will find the delightful Mexico beach vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas. This location is perfect for all kinds of vacations, from romantic getaways to Spring Break party-time. It has such a variety of activities, resorts, restaurants and bars that Cabo San Lucas can match any beach vacation expectation. The dry heat and the amazing beaches make for a wonderful relaxing vacation in the sun with the option of a variety of activities from fishing, golf, whale watching, surfing, off-road ATVs, banana boats, parasailing and the like.


On the opposite side of Mexico to Cabo on the Caribbean coast, Cancun is always present in any list of top Mexico beach vacation destinations. Cancun is like the jewel in Mexico’s crown of beach destinations with its Caribbean setting and historical Mayan ruins. Cancun is a unique beach vacation destination in that you can enjoy all the Mexican traditions, including food, music and ancient cultures while relaxing on idyllic white sandy beaches framed by turquoise Caribbean ocean. The nightlife in Cancun is also very popular as there are many top bars and nightclubs to keep you dancing till dawn, even a pirate ship show on the Jolly Roger.

Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit

Top Mexico Beach Vacation Destinations

On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit (Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta Mita) awaits with a typically Mexican experience. Puerto Vallarta retains its colorful Mexican charm with balconies overflowing with bugambilia and terracotta rooftops. The shape of Banderas Bay also provides stunning horizons and sunsets and you feel like you are nestled within the arms of mother nature. The Pacific playground offers a host of different activities including zip line adventures in the mountains, whale watching, the Marigalante pirate ship, skydiving, surfing and more.


One of Mexico’s best kept secrets, Loreto deserves to be on the top Mexico beach vacation destinations list. The Islands of Loreto form a natural marine reserve where diving and snorkeling are a must for visitors. You can even rent glass bottom kayaks. The destination is perfect for a romantic retreat or leisurely vacation where being at one with nature is your priority. The town of Loreto also makes for a delightful saunter as you explore the Mission Church and the quaint town square.

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