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There are various kinds of gifts you can expect to receive when you attend a time share presentation and most of the time, the offers are genuine. This article explores what to expect from your timeshare gift and how to tell a scam from the kind of freebie you are offered.

Why do time share companies give free gifts?

Timeshare companies provide potential buyers with free gifts primarily as a thank you for taking the time to visit the resort during your vacation. Timeshare operators know how valuable your free time is, therefore you are rewarded with a token of their appreciation. A free gift also acts as an incentive for you to attend a tour or presentation if you are in two minds whether to attend.

You should never be made to feel guilty about receiving a timeshare gift, although less ethical sellers may try the guilt tactic to get you to buy a timeshare. The truth of the matter is that no reputable time share company will refuse your gift if you do not buy, although you will not be eligible for the gift if you don’t stay for the entire presentation or meet other conditions like being sober and so forth.

What is a gift scam?

Gift scams vary from misrepresentation to costing your money. The first thing to remember is that a timeshare presentation with a genuine company should NOT cost you money (unless you decide to buy a timeshare, that is). Some gift scams will say that you will receive a certain gift and then you are charged the taxes for it, which are unusually high, or you are told that you will be posted the gift and have to pay high postage fees only to receive a toy version of what was promised – like the famous case where a sailboat was offered as a free gift and clients received a toy boat in the post.

How can I protect myself?

It is easy to protect yourself from a gift scam by judging how plausible your free gift is. Discounts and free tours are reasonable, especially as you know that the company are sure to have agreements with the tour companies, likewise restaurant vouchers, upgrades, discounts on vacation accommodation, free bottles of wine and so on. If the gift just seems too far-fetched and disproportionate to what the company stand to gain from you, beware. The other way to protect yourself is to do a little research on the internet before you head to the presentation to be sure that the company is genuine.

What do I have to do for my free gift?

In return for your free gift, most timeshare developers will expect about 3 hours of your time at the resort. However, the OPC (timeshare promoter) will first establish whether you are eligible for timeshare, which means that you must have a credit card and other criteria specific to the particular time share company. The most important thing is to check any small print on your reservation ticket to see what is expected of you. In most cases, your discounts or free gifts will not be validated until after the presentation.

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