Presentation Gifts for Timeshare

June 25, 2014 at 5:01 pm
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There are various kinds of gifts you can expect to receive when you attend a time share presentation and most of the time, the offers are genuine. This article explores what to expect from your timeshare gift and how to tell a scam from the kind of freebie you are offered.

Why do time share companies give free gifts?

Timeshare companies provide potential buyers with free gifts primarily as a thank you for taking the time to visit the resort during your vacation. Timeshare operators know how valuable your free time is, therefore you are rewarded with a token of their appreciation. A free gift also acts as an incentive for you to attend a tour or presentation if you are in two minds whether to attend.

You should never be made to feel guilty about receiving a timeshare gift, although less ethical sellers may try the guilt tactic to get you to buy a timeshare. The truth of the matter is that no reputable time share company will refuse your gift if you do not buy, although you will not be eligible for the gift if you don’t stay for the entire presentation or meet other conditions like being sober and so forth.

What is a gift scam?

Gift scams vary from misrepresentation to costing your money. The first thing to remember is that a timeshare presentation with a genuine company should NOT cost you money (unless you decide to buy a timeshare, that is). Some gift scams will say that you will receive a certain gift and then you are charged the taxes for it, which are unusually high, or you are told that you will be posted the gift and have to pay high postage fees only to receive a toy version of what was promised – like the famous case where a sailboat was offered as a free gift and clients received a toy boat in the post.

How can I protect myself?

It is easy to protect yourself from a gift scam by judging how plausible your free gift is. Discounts and free tours are reasonable, especially as you know that the company are sure to have agreements with the tour companies, likewise restaurant vouchers, upgrades, discounts on vacation accommodation, free bottles of wine and so on. If the gift just seems too far-fetched and disproportionate to what the company stand to gain from you, beware. The other way to protect yourself is to do a little research on the internet before you head to the presentation to be sure that the company is genuine.

What do I have to do for my free gift?

In return for your free gift, most timeshare developers will expect about 3 hours of your time at the resort. However, the OPC (timeshare promoter) will first establish whether you are eligible for timeshare, which means that you must have a credit card and other criteria specific to the particular time share company. The most important thing is to check any small print on your reservation ticket to see what is expected of you. In most cases, your discounts or free gifts will not be validated until after the presentation.

All-Inclusive Timeshare

June 25, 2014 at 4:44 pm


For many people, all-inclusive plans and timeshare do not go hand in hand, considering that vacation ownership is often geared towards those who are interested in second home ownership. However, more and more people are enjoying all inclusive timeshare plans and it is becoming the latest trend.


Where can you find All-Inclusive Timeshare?

It is worth noting that not all timeshare resorts are all inclusive, indeed many of the old style timeshare condos do not offer all inclusive timeshare at all. You will only find all-inclusive plans and timeshare together when you buy a timeshare at a resort or hotel complex with a range of restaurants and room service. Traditional timeshare condos will not have the facilities to offer all-inclusive timeshare. The big names in timeshare usually offer all-inclusive timeshare, although you should ask when you purchase your timeshare membership.


How does All-Inclusive Timeshare Work?

There are two main types of timeshare all-inclusive plans, compulsory all-inclusive and a hybrid all-inclusive. The compulsory all-inclusive timeshare plans are not very common, and it means that your membership and maintenance fees include an all inclusive package, with no choice to opt out. This will be the case at 100% all inclusive resorts.


A hybrid or optional timeshare all-inclusive is far more common, especially in timeshare resorts where suites with kitchen facilities are a much sought after privilege. This kind of timeshare all-inclusive program allows you to buy a certain number of days on an all-inclusive plan, usually a minimum of two or three consecutive days where you can opt in and out of an all-inclusive plan. This is great for timeshare owners who are not sure how they would like to spend their time during their vacation.

Timeshare & Interval International

June 25, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Interval International is a global exchange company that facilitates timeshare exchanges. It is one of the world’s leading vacation exchange networks and deals with some of the best known timeshare operators throughout the world. It boasts more than 4 decades serving timeshare owners, matching clients with their dream destinations with like for like exchanges.

interval international

Interval International offers an inventory of more than 2,800 resorts in over 75 countries worldwide and has almost 2 million members, making it the world’s second largest time share exchange provider. The renowned exchange network offers exchanges with some of the best timeshare resorts, including Villa Group resorts.

Interval International provides an assortment of leisure and travel products, meaning that you can exchange tradition timeshare weeks, vacation club points as well as fractional ownership. There is even chance to exchange hotel rooms for cruise vacations and yacht charters. Non-timeshare owners can join as direct members paying for points which can be used in any of the featured resorts. You can also join as short-term members.

Members Services at Interval International

When you become a member or one of its affiliated timeshare resorts, you can exchange your timeshare weeks or points with any other Interval International collaborator. You enjoy great flexibility, taking advantage of nearly 3000 different resort options. You can book further vacation accommodation in addition to your timeshare allocations and receive discounts on vacations. Interval can also help you with car rentals, plane tickets and other travel agent services.

Renting Timeshare Direct

June 24, 2014 at 7:05 pm

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Renting timeshare direct from owners is a realistic and money saving option that is open to travelers looking for great cheap accommodation in the top vacation spots worldwide. As timeshare owners, renting direct is also a great way to make your time share work for you, if you cannot use your timeshare week, to make a little money.


There are many options when renting timeshare direct. Most direct from owner timeshare rentals happen between friends or through friends of friends, which provides greater trust and confidence. However, there are other means of renting time share direct from owners, such as using online time share rental websites and checking the local press.


Benefits of Renting Timeshare Direct

The main advantages of renting timeshare direct from owners is financial. You can avoid paying commissions to agents, which makes it easier to rent a timeshare property and cheaper for the client who is renting from you. The possibility of repeat time share renters is also common when renting time share direct from owners, as visitors form closer ties with the owners.


In general, renting a timeshare has other additional benefits such as larger accommodations in fully equipped resorts. When you rent a timeshare unit, you don’t have to worry about organizing maid service and other concerns, your guests arrive and are taken care of by the resort or time share administration. If the hot water doesn’t work, you don’t have to call a plumber, the on site maintenance team will be on the case.


Today, with easier and safer payments like PayPal and escrow accounts, renting timeshare direct from owners is even more straightforward and hassle free. If you are looking for a vacation rental, renting timeshare direct is a great choice.

The Villagroup Timeshare

June 13, 2014 at 8:24 pm


A leader in Mexican resort and timeshare development, The Villagroup timeshare is a Mexico based company whose brands include Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa La Estancia and other hospitality related subsidiaries. Although to date, The Villagroup is mainly focused on developments within Mexico, it maintains links with international hospitality services and has plans for further expansion outside Mexico.

The Villagroup’s most notable assets include the highly successful Villa del Palmar resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Loreto, which offer hotel services as well as the option to purchase timeshare, full and fractional ownership. These resorts have received great acclaim thanks to the skillful combination of excellent quality and elegance with affordable prices.

A clear contribution to The Villagroup’s success during its three decades of operation, is its unrivaled reputation for quality. Having taken care to ensure that members and hotel guests receive the very best services and great value for money, it comes as no surprise that The Villagroup has stood the test of the recent economic crisis to hit the world. Indeed, thanks to its commitment to value and quality, it’s business has thrived where others have struggled over the past few years.


The destinations where The Villagroup develops its resorts are carefully chosen for their investment potential for members. Locations are selected on their combination of great beaches, beautiful surroundings, easy accessibility (international airports), a range of activities on land and sea, great dining and a thriving local community.

The Villagroup offers a range of products. Its resorts attract both hotel guests and timeshare owners, and in many resorts there is the potential for full and fractional ownership of luxury penthouses and suites. One of The Villagroup’s most recent and convenient initiatives is Villa Preferred Access, which is a points based timeshare membership that provides greater flexibility to owners so they can use their membership more effectively and in a more personalized manner. The Villagroup timeshare owners can also use the services to UVCI (Universal Vacation Club International) and Interval International to exchange The Villagroup timeshare units for other destinations.

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