All-Inclusive Timeshare


For many people, all-inclusive plans and timeshare do not go hand in hand, considering that vacation ownership is often geared towards those who are interested in second home ownership. However, more and more people are enjoying all inclusive timeshare plans and it is becoming the latest trend.


Where can you find All-Inclusive Timeshare?

It is worth noting that not all timeshare resorts are all inclusive, indeed many of the old style timeshare condos do not offer all inclusive timeshare at all. You will only find all-inclusive plans and timeshare together when you buy a timeshare at a resort or hotel complex with a range of restaurants and room service. Traditional timeshare condos will not have the facilities to offer all-inclusive timeshare. The big names in timeshare usually offer all-inclusive timeshare, although you should ask when you purchase your timeshare membership.


How does All-Inclusive Timeshare Work?

There are two main types of timeshare all-inclusive plans, compulsory all-inclusive and a hybrid all-inclusive. The compulsory all-inclusive timeshare plans are not very common, and it means that your membership and maintenance fees include an all inclusive package, with no choice to opt out. This will be the case at 100% all inclusive resorts.


A hybrid or optional timeshare all-inclusive is far more common, especially in timeshare resorts where suites with kitchen facilities are a much sought after privilege. This kind of timeshare all-inclusive program allows you to buy a certain number of days on an all-inclusive plan, usually a minimum of two or three consecutive days where you can opt in and out of an all-inclusive plan. This is great for timeshare owners who are not sure how they would like to spend their time during their vacation.

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