Who really buys timeshare anyway?

This is a question I often get asked as a timeshare advisor and expert, with many people misunderstanding the benefits of timeshare. Most people just see timeshare and vacation clubs as some kind of scam or an inconvenience during their vacation when they get asked by promoters to attend presentations in return for a free breakfast or discounts on excursions. What most people don’t realize is that timeshare is still a great option if you take regular vacations, even more so if you are likely to return to the same place at least once every 2 or 3 years.

So who really buys timeshare these days?

There really isn’t a set profile for the kind of person who is best suited to timeshare, although a love of taking great quality vacations is a must. What unites most people for whom the timeshare and vacation club model really suits, is their love for taking regular vacations. People who buy timeshares today are looking for excellence every time they take a vacation, not willing to take the risk on trying out a new hotel every time they travel. When you purchase a timeshare with a reputable company, what you are guaranteeing is that each resort in the chain is of a similar quality to your home resort.

Benefits of Timeshare and Vacation Clubs

The true benefits of timeshare and vacation clubs will depend on the specific timeshare contract that you have signed, but in general the benefits of timeshare and vacation clubs is that you are getting better value for money on your vacation accommodation. The price that you pay for the equivalent of a week or two at a timeshare resort is set at today’s prices, so your future travels will benefit from this and in effect save you money the long run.

Moreover, for most timeshare enthusiasts, it is the quality of the accommodations and resorts that your timeshare membership gives you regular access to that is the most important factor. On many occasions, you get to stay in a more luxurious resort than you would otherwise be able to afford, and what is more, you are a members and are treated with additional privileges.

Finally, one of the key attractions to timeshare, and the reason why it is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon, is that we all like to feel that we belong. Owning our own slice of paradise in some of the most beautiful places in the world, makes working hard year round all the more worth it. Providing a second home for our families in the sun (or in the snow!) is a gift that we shouldn’t deny ourselves.

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