Benefits of Vacation Ownership in Cabo

June 22, 2019 at 11:26 am

When you invest in a Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas timeshare, you are guaranteed to have relaxing and amazing vacations. One of the most beautiful cities that is situated on the Pacific Ocean just at the southern edge of the Baja California Peninsula is Cabo San Lucas. You can make the most of your time with a timeshare opportunity. Read below to learn about the benefits of vacation ownership in Cabo.

villa del palmar cabo san lucas timeshare ownership

  • All-Season Vacation Destination: In Cabo San Lucas, sunny and warm weather is available year-round, making it an ideal all-season vacation destination! There are endless things to see and do. Downtown Cabo San Lucas is charming and very vibrant. You can spend an entire day in Downtown Cabo San Lucas, then return to the Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas when you are done to enjoy the numerous and luxurious onsite amenities. Some of these great amenities include private Jacuzzis, a professional spa, infinity pools, and a variety of dining choices that will meet each person’s taste buds.
  • Adventure and Relaxation: Many vacationers simply enjoy spending their Cabo San Lucas vacations relaxing on the breathtaking and beautiful beaches with a delicious cocktail in hand. You can breathe in the ocean air while you kick back on the beach reading a book or taking a nap. One favorite activity to enjoy in the area is swimming, but if you are wanting a little adventure, you can go water skiing, surfing, or snorkeling. El Arco is a natural feature that makes for an amazing adventure in Cabo. This natural rock formation is a must-see for everyone. You can go on a tour on a glass bottom boat to get closer to the rock formation, and you will get to see all the beautiful vibrant marine life in the waters below as well.
  • Entertainment: Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to be if you enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment. There are designer stores and boutiques along with authentic Mexican restaurants for dining. Some of the restaurants provide live music to enjoy while you dine. There are plenty of entertainment options for everyone and every age bracket. Cabo Wabo is perfect for dancing. Cabo Wabo has live music, several stages, and a large bar. The Squid Roe provides an unique experience. They have dancing waiters and the food is delicious, too.
  • Amazing Amenities: The Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas provides amazing amenities, which include private balconies, full kitchens, spacious rooms and dining options. They even provide a washer and dryer in each unit to make you think you are at home. Spending your vacations at the Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas will be great! The resort property has salon services, a fitness center, boutiques, and an European health spa that is over 10,000 square-foot.

The Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas has everything that you want and need in your vacation destination. You can invest in your future vacations right now. Are you ready to plan your next Mexican vacation? You can buy a Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas timeshare membership today, and enjoy all the benefits of a quality vacation ownership in Cabo San Lucas.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Timeshares in Mexico

August 4, 2018 at 11:46 am

When deciding whether to purchase a timeshare in Mexico, there are both benefits and drawbacks to consider. As with any financial decision, it makes sense to thoroughly examine each angle before coming to a conclusion. Continue to read below to learn more about the pros and cons to determine if owning a timeshare in Mexico is for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Timeshare in Mexico pros and cons

  • Compare Timeshares to Stand Alone Vacation Homes: When compared to purchasing a stand alone vacation home in Mexico, a timeshare is a smarter choice if you are able to get away for a week or two at a time. If you can’t travel more than that, then there is no point in owning a stand alone vacation home that will end up unused most of the year. If you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, you only spend money on the time you are there, and don’t waste precious resources on maintenance and upkeep for something you aren’t using. Since timeshare maintenance costs are divided up amongst each timeshare owner, the cost is low and affordable for everyone.
  • Timeshare Advantages: One of the best parts about committing to a timeshare in Mexico is the fact you secure a vacation in your preferred destination. Life can sometimes pass us by with the responsibilities of work and family life, and we often forget to make time for ourselves. As an owner of a timeshare in Mexico, you prioritize what really matters – quality time for you and your loved ones in a beautiful, relaxing setting. Additionally, if you choose a timeshare in Mexico that is part of a group of resorts, you will be able to visit other resorts within the group. One example of a great timeshare group is The Villa Group that offers amazing timeshare resorts in the best destinations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit. When you own a timeshare in Mexico through The Villa Group, you are permitted to use your week of vacation time at different resorts within the group so you can add some spice and variety to your getaways.
  • Make Time for You and Your Family: In addition to carving out some much needed time for yourself, do you also hope to share your timeshare in Mexico with friends and family? Most timeshare companies will let you share as long as you plan ahead and notify the resort you will have guests. Unable to vacation and don’t want to lose out? It is possible you can also rent out your block of time if you are unable to use your timeshare week for whatever reason, just make sure to check the details of your timeshare contract to confirm. It’s a good way to make some extra money!
  • Are there Timeshare Disadvantages? This all sounds great, so are you wondering what the drawbacks are? In regards to maintenance, monthly fees are minimal but they can go up over time. And it is important to note that whether you use your timeshare or not, the monthly maintenance fees must be paid. Also, used timeshares or timeshare resales are sometimes difficult to sell when compared to new timeshare units. However, it is more likely you won’t ever want to sell your timeshare as it will guarantee quality family vacation time that is priceless.

As you can see, there are benefits and drawbacks to having a timeshare in Mexico. What do you think?

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Fractional Timeshares

July 11, 2018 at 11:15 am

You may have heard about fractional properties and you thought they are basically the same as a traditional timeshare. While both traditional timeshares and fractional timeshares are great investments, you should also know that there are major differences between the two. Fractional timeshares and traditional timeshares have many differences and you can learn more about their differences by reading below.

  • Yearly Use and Ownership Numbers

Approximately fifty-two owners share one unit with a traditional timeshare, and this is designed so that each timeshare owner can have one or two weeks at the property each year. Approximately four to sixteen owners share a unit with a fractional property. With a fractional timeshare membership, you will get to use the unit more times each year than a traditional timeshare. Typically, the fractional owners can spend anywhere from three to twelve weeks each year at the property for their vacations. If you feel like you don’t get enough vacations in a year, then a fractional ownership could be a great investment for you.

  • Maintenance and Wear and Tear

One important difference that exists between fractional ownership and timeshare ownership is the wear and tear that occurs at the property. It is important to know that with a traditional timeshare ownership there can be up to fifty-two owners for one single unit. There will be a new family arriving each and every week at the property, which means the traditional timeshare will receive a lot of traffic. The traditional timeshare property will have a lot of wear and tear due to the sheer volume of visitors it receives, which means that the property will likely become older more quickly. Due to the large amount of traffic the property receives each week, that usually results in more damages, too. Fractional properties have less owners and there isn’t a big turnover either. The staff knows all of the guests and each vacation experience for fractional owners is a great one. Fractional properties have well-built construction for each unit and the décor is upgraded. Only high end fixtures are used at the fractional properties and you can expect to have more amenities and the best services when compared to traditional timeshare properties.

  • Required Income

The required income needed to qualify to be an owner with the fractional ownership versus the traditional timeshare is a noteworthy difference. To be qualified for a traditional timeshare ownership, the minimum income required will start off at $75,000. To be qualified for a fractional ownership, you will have to make at least $150,000. With the large income discrepancy required for a traditional timeshare ownership and fractional ownership means that the clientele will tend to be at a higher level for fractional owners. Fractional owners are used to living a higher standard and they expect the best amenities and service from the staff, too.

  • Second Home Connection

Usually, traditional timeshare developments are very large and they often have hundreds of units. Fractional properties are much smaller and there are usually only fifty units, which provides a more exclusive environment that some people are looking for when it comes to selecting their vacation destination. Traditional timeshare owners are not as connected to their unit and property because they only spend seven days at the property each year. For a fractional property owners, they often consider their unit and property as their second home. One similarity between traditional timeshare ownership and fractional ownership properties is the ability of spend your vacation time at another property that is within the network of the resort. Fractional property owners can use their weeks at another resort property just like the traditional timeshare owners do as long as the resort is within the resort group’s exchange network.

There are many differences between fractional timeshares and traditional timeshare ownerships. Knowing the differences between them will allow you to know which one is best for you. Do you want to invest in a traditional timeshare ownership or a fractional timeshare ownership?


The Effect of the Timeshare Industry on a Community

February 23, 2018 at 10:38 am

For most communities that are dependent on tourism, the timeshare industry brings significant benefits. Some people may consider timeshare as a scam, while others love it. Others may be indifferent about timeshare. With such varied reactions are natural, one cannot deny the positive impact the timeshare industry has on the local community where the timeshare operates.

timeshare industry

The effect of the timeshare industry on a community

The following benefits may surprise you as these go beyond those offered by traditional tourism forms like hotels and others. Here are some of the positive effects that timeshare offers on a community.

  1. Stable jobs: From sales staff to construction workers, timeshare generates several jobs for the community. The jobs are at various levels like executives, service staff, architects, and more.
  2. Repeat Tourism: Timeshare encourages repeat tourism in the community which results in a more stable economy. With this scenario, business providers and investors can easily predict the needs of the community in terms of services and infrastructure.
  3. Promotion of the Destination: The destination’s profile will increase amongst all kinds of visitors including those who are still curious about the timeshare industry. The positive feedback and promotions to friends and families raise other people’s awareness. Only when people feel that they belong can they have this kind of support.
  4. Tax Generation: Tax generation that extends to VAT as well as income tax on earnings is another great benefit that the timeshare offers to a destination. Those working in the industry and especially those who come into the place spend their money in the local economy. More taxes are generated and these are plowed back into the local economy. As a result, services and infrastructure improve.
  5. Extension of the Period of Stay: Timeshare owners usually chose to stay for longer periods of time in their chosen destinations.
  6. Higher Purchasing Power: Timeshare destination benefits from visitors with higher purchasing power. They spend more on local services, restaurants, and other items. The certain level of income that owners have is one of the requirements when they desire to become timeshare owners.
  7. No Competition Against Traditional Hotels: Hotels usually cater to visitors who do not necessarily visit more than once or twice. This means that people who return to a destination to stay at their timeshare are not the same individuals that hotels target. The two industries complement one another and not compete against each other.
  8. Local Community Involvement: Timeshares are not always all-inclusive. There are some who would choose an all-inclusive option but most visitors would rather spend money in local stores and dining places.
  9. Constant Occupancy: Timeshare helps provide a consistent level of occupancy, supporting other branches of the tourism industry like car rentals, restaurants, travel agencies, and other local trade.

There is no denying that timeshare provides a positive impact on its community.


Who really buys timeshare anyway?

March 16, 2015 at 8:59 am

This is a question I often get asked as a timeshare advisor and expert, with many people misunderstanding the benefits of timeshare. Most people just see timeshare and vacation clubs as some kind of scam or an inconvenience during their vacation when they get asked by promoters to attend presentations in return for a free breakfast or discounts on excursions. What most people don’t realize is that timeshare is still a great option if you take regular vacations, even more so if you are likely to return to the same place at least once every 2 or 3 years.

So who really buys timeshare these days?

There really isn’t a set profile for the kind of person who is best suited to timeshare, although a love of taking great quality vacations is a must. What unites most people for whom the timeshare and vacation club model really suits, is their love for taking regular vacations. People who buy timeshares today are looking for excellence every time they take a vacation, not willing to take the risk on trying out a new hotel every time they travel. When you purchase a timeshare with a reputable company, what you are guaranteeing is that each resort in the chain is of a similar quality to your home resort.

Benefits of Timeshare and Vacation Clubs

The true benefits of timeshare and vacation clubs will depend on the specific timeshare contract that you have signed, but in general the benefits of timeshare and vacation clubs is that you are getting better value for money on your vacation accommodation. The price that you pay for the equivalent of a week or two at a timeshare resort is set at today’s prices, so your future travels will benefit from this and in effect save you money the long run.

Moreover, for most timeshare enthusiasts, it is the quality of the accommodations and resorts that your timeshare membership gives you regular access to that is the most important factor. On many occasions, you get to stay in a more luxurious resort than you would otherwise be able to afford, and what is more, you are a members and are treated with additional privileges.

Finally, one of the key attractions to timeshare, and the reason why it is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon, is that we all like to feel that we belong. Owning our own slice of paradise in some of the most beautiful places in the world, makes working hard year round all the more worth it. Providing a second home for our families in the sun (or in the snow!) is a gift that we shouldn’t deny ourselves.

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