In what ways is Discount Vacation Hotels a Scam?

Many people have been enquiring lately on my blog as to whether Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam; and if so, how and why. The truth is that there are no ways in which Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam. The deals the travel company offer, while seeming too good to be true, are 100% genuine. Here’s the proof you require.

Discount Vacation Hotel is a Real Travel Company

Discount Vacation Hotels is a real travel company that offers great deals for stays in some of the best hotels in Cancun, the islands of Loreto, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Their deals include all inclusive and room only stays and all the agents who work for them have first-hand experience of the resorts and hotels on offer. This means that any questions you have will be answered by someone with real experience of the places and people you’ll encounter.

Of course if you’re still wary, you can do independent research on the hotels mentioned when you make your reservation to verify what you are told. There are no tricks; the deals you see on the website are the deals you’ll get!

Sales Presentation

It’s easy to understand, however, that someone might be confused by how they are able to offer such good prices. Firstly they only offer Mexican destinations and vacations and secondly, the main reason for these deals, is that they will ask you to attend a short sales presentation. If you don’t want to buy anything then you need not worry; the deal you purchased from Discount Vacation Hotels still stands. You are under no obligation to buy anything and you won’t be harassed at the poolside for reasons or a change of heart.

No Scam at Discount Vacation Hotels

When you consider that Discount Vacation Hotels has an incentive to give such great prices it seems obvious that this is not a scam whatsoever. Discount Vacation Hotels can offer you the Mexican holiday of a lifetime for a wonderful price, all you have to do is get in touch. You can find out more at:

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