Vacations to Mexico and Avoid Scams

May 8, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Mexico is one of the most popular and beloved vacation destinations in the world for snowbirds, holiday makers, travelers, and attracts droves of expats each year. This worldwide popularity, and the very things which make it so popular, are unfortunately one of the main reasons that scams related to Mexican vacations are so prevalent.

Here’s what you need to know about scams surrounding the tourist industry in Mexico:

Vacations to Mexico and Avoid Scams

Airport transfer scams
Airport transfer/transport scams can be sidestepped fairly easily!

If you book in advance, and it is wise to do so, print your confirmation email (or keep it on a fully charged tablet or phone) and check all details against the reservation list of anyone who approaches you. Check their ID, too, and do so before you enter their vehicle! If you don’t take these preventative measures you could end up paying a secondary fee when you arrive to your hotel and find out you have been scammed!

Rental Scams Affecting Vacations to Mexico
Rental scams work both ways; those who claim a finders fee for third party renters who do not exist, and those who fraudulently hire out accommodation which, for whatever reason, is unavailable, unsuitable or not legally theirs to rent out. If you want to avoid these scams simply use a reputable rental agency that vets their renters and consumers. Check reviews online and do your research before you hand over any money to rent out a vacation property unseen.

Timeshare scams
Timeshare scams used to be the main concern in Mexico, but these days they are a dying breed. This is due to the Mexican government cracking down on timeshare scammers and, of course, a more informed and savvy consumer base. However, there are still opportunists out there and the main scams now are cancellation scams which prey on those who already own timeshares. If you want to avoid these scammers the rule is simple; ignore any and all cancellation companies. These fraudulent cancellation companies are offering you something they cannot provide out during the legal cooling period, and if you are within the cooling period you do not require their help to cancel your timeshare. Go directly to your timeshare provider for further assistance and do not involve third parties that are likely only trying to scam you.

Credit Card Scams
Credit card scams can affect you online as well as in the “real world”.

Be wary of paying for your flights or accommodation through an insecure portal or website; this puts your personal financial details at risk! Likewise, be careful who you give your details to when paying for tours and attraction tickets. Most establishments will have wireless card terminals now. Furthermore, ensure that you always know exactly where your cards are, and make sure that they’re in a secure location!

These tips will help you enjoy your time in Mexico worry free, and not waste your energy dealing with scams and frauds that could ruin your well deserved vacation.

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In what ways is Discount Vacation Hotels a Scam?

November 19, 2014 at 9:57 am

Many people have been enquiring lately on my blog as to whether Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam; and if so, how and why. The truth is that there are no ways in which Discount Vacation Hotels is a scam. The deals the travel company offer, while seeming too good to be true, are 100% genuine. Here’s the proof you require.

Discount Vacation Hotel is a Real Travel Company

Discount Vacation Hotels is a real travel company that offers great deals for stays in some of the best hotels in Cancun, the islands of Loreto, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Their deals include all inclusive and room only stays and all the agents who work for them have first-hand experience of the resorts and hotels on offer. This means that any questions you have will be answered by someone with real experience of the places and people you’ll encounter.

Of course if you’re still wary, you can do independent research on the hotels mentioned when you make your reservation to verify what you are told. There are no tricks; the deals you see on the website are the deals you’ll get!

Sales Presentation

It’s easy to understand, however, that someone might be confused by how they are able to offer such good prices. Firstly they only offer Mexican destinations and vacations and secondly, the main reason for these deals, is that they will ask you to attend a short sales presentation. If you don’t want to buy anything then you need not worry; the deal you purchased from Discount Vacation Hotels still stands. You are under no obligation to buy anything and you won’t be harassed at the poolside for reasons or a change of heart.

No Scam at Discount Vacation Hotels

When you consider that Discount Vacation Hotels has an incentive to give such great prices it seems obvious that this is not a scam whatsoever. Discount Vacation Hotels can offer you the Mexican holiday of a lifetime for a wonderful price, all you have to do is get in touch. You can find out more at:

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