Fractional Timeshares

July 11, 2018 at 11:15 am

You may have heard about fractional properties and you thought they are basically the same as a traditional timeshare. While both traditional timeshares and fractional timeshares are great investments, you should also know that there are major differences between the two. Fractional timeshares and traditional timeshares have many differences and you can learn more about their differences by reading below.

  • Yearly Use and Ownership Numbers

Approximately fifty-two owners share one unit with a traditional timeshare, and this is designed so that each timeshare owner can have one or two weeks at the property each year. Approximately four to sixteen owners share a unit with a fractional property. With a fractional timeshare membership, you will get to use the unit more times each year than a traditional timeshare. Typically, the fractional owners can spend anywhere from three to twelve weeks each year at the property for their vacations. If you feel like you don’t get enough vacations in a year, then a fractional ownership could be a great investment for you.

  • Maintenance and Wear and Tear

One important difference that exists between fractional ownership and timeshare ownership is the wear and tear that occurs at the property. It is important to know that with a traditional timeshare ownership there can be up to fifty-two owners for one single unit. There will be a new family arriving each and every week at the property, which means the traditional timeshare will receive a lot of traffic. The traditional timeshare property will have a lot of wear and tear due to the sheer volume of visitors it receives, which means that the property will likely become older more quickly. Due to the large amount of traffic the property receives each week, that usually results in more damages, too. Fractional properties have less owners and there isn’t a big turnover either. The staff knows all of the guests and each vacation experience for fractional owners is a great one. Fractional properties have well-built construction for each unit and the décor is upgraded. Only high end fixtures are used at the fractional properties and you can expect to have more amenities and the best services when compared to traditional timeshare properties.

  • Required Income

The required income needed to qualify to be an owner with the fractional ownership versus the traditional timeshare is a noteworthy difference. To be qualified for a traditional timeshare ownership, the minimum income required will start off at $75,000. To be qualified for a fractional ownership, you will have to make at least $150,000. With the large income discrepancy required for a traditional timeshare ownership and fractional ownership means that the clientele will tend to be at a higher level for fractional owners. Fractional owners are used to living a higher standard and they expect the best amenities and service from the staff, too.

  • Second Home Connection

Usually, traditional timeshare developments are very large and they often have hundreds of units. Fractional properties are much smaller and there are usually only fifty units, which provides a more exclusive environment that some people are looking for when it comes to selecting their vacation destination. Traditional timeshare owners are not as connected to their unit and property because they only spend seven days at the property each year. For a fractional property owners, they often consider their unit and property as their second home. One similarity between traditional timeshare ownership and fractional ownership properties is the ability of spend your vacation time at another property that is within the network of the resort. Fractional property owners can use their weeks at another resort property just like the traditional timeshare owners do as long as the resort is within the resort group’s exchange network.

There are many differences between fractional timeshares and traditional timeshare ownerships. Knowing the differences between them will allow you to know which one is best for you. Do you want to invest in a traditional timeshare ownership or a fractional timeshare ownership?


Vacation Ownership Uncovered – The Villa Group

August 12, 2014 at 10:49 am

Vacation ownership is a way of having that second home you have always wanted by the beach without the huge expense and responsibility of running a second property. In the general sense, vacation ownership refers to all kinds of vacation homes, including those that you have bought outright for your full use or to rent, as well as, fractional and timeshare properties. The Villa Group offers all three vacation ownership options in Mexico. On the one hand, the Villa Group offers properties at its Villa la Estancia brand for full and fractional deeded ownership, while its main focus is on vacation club membership (a flexible version of blocked week timeshare) called Villa Preferred Access.

Vacation ownership with the Villa Group is a safe option, particularly for those who do not speak Spanish and are buying their first vacation property. With over 30 years promoting and developing vacation ownership products, you can be sure Villa Group have the expertise to keep your investment safe and your vacation accommodations in top condition.

Benefits of Vacation Ownership with The Villa Group

Vacation Ownership

The benefits of vacation ownership with the Villa Group are many. Firstly, you can take advantage of super prices. The Villa Group are such a large company that they have their own construction firm working to give them the best prices, which makes the timeshare membership very competitive. Likewise, the cost of materials in Mexico is much lower than it would be in the States or Canada, which makes buying a Villa Group timeshare product all the more attractive.

When you invest in vacation ownership with the Villa Group, you are also able to enjoy other destinations where the Villa Group have resorts. Exchanges are facilitated by UVCI, Universal Vacation Club International, who coordinate exchanges within the Villa Group family of resorts, as well as, deal with reservations, banking and borrowing points etc. The Villa Group have vacation ownership products in various destinations in Mexico from coast to coast. For example, if you purchase a timeshare at one of the Villa del Palmar resorts, you will be able to use your membership privileges to stay in Villa del Palmar accommodation in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Loreto. As the Villa Group continues to expand, so do your vacation ownership choices.

Finally, one of the key benefits to vacation ownership in general is that you are investing in a future of amazing vacations and quality getaways. Joining a timeshare vacation club like UVCI and the Villa Group means that making the most of your vacations becomes effortless. You belong to a club whose priority is to make your vacations the easiest way to paradise year in year out.

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