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How to Enjoy a Safe Vacation This Summer

One thing that the COVID-19 has taught the world is the importance of having proper cleanliness. The Mexican Federal Government is allowing resorts in Mexico to start opening up as long as they follow the new standards. The new standards are in place so that guests and employees will stay safe and healthy. Proudly, the Villa Group Resorts in Mexico will be welcoming back their vacation club members and guests to their fabulous resorts after a temporary closure. Learn how to enjoy a safe vacation this summer at the Villa Group Resorts.

  • Proper Policies and Standards:  The employees have been preparing for guests to return by upholding the advice from specialists in infectious diseases. Also, they have received certification from PREVERSISK who actually specializes in preventative policies. The Villa Group Resorts are determined to uphold the highest standards by sanitizing, disinfecting, and ensuring proper hygiene in rooms, suites, and common areas around the resorts. They have also started a Health and Hygiene Program that takes suggestions from top health organizations and from the government.
  • Updated Standards of Cleanliness Are: There have been new standards of sanitizing and cleanliness that have been implemented. When vacation club members and guests arrive to the resort, they can expect the following: Sanitizing of suitcases with sanitizer. The security seal has been placed in suites so that once the room was cleaned and disinfected, nobody could enter the room. Temperature readings will be provided at different points at the resort. Guests and staff will have their temperature read and monitored in a manner that is non-invasive. Also, all surfaces that are high-touch in the common areas of the resort will be cleaned and sanitized often. For example, high traffic areas and their surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants and certified sanitation products. In addition, sanitation stations have been placed at different areas at the resorts. This includes the front desk, entrances of restaurants, and in public areas. A Hygiene Manager and a special team of sanitization specialists have been thoroughly trained and will be ensuring that all protocol is followed. Remember, all rooms will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each guest has departed. There will be no paper, pens, and magazine amenities in the rooms until further notice. The new hygiene protocols have been added to keep the employees and the guests safe and healthy.
  • Social Distancing: Reducing the transmission of viruses can be helped with social distancing requirements. The Villa Group Resorts have provided signs around the resort to make sure guests are reminded to practice social distancing. A safe distance from others is 2 meters. The furniture in the restaurants and in the common areas have been arranged along with the lounge chairs being 6 feet apart at the pools. In the fitness area, the sanitation measures are much stricter. There will be only a small number of guests in the gym at once, and you can only use the fitness center if you have placed a reservation ahead of time.

social distancing villa group resorts

  • Food and Beverages: The employees in the food and beverages departments have been thoroughly trained to handle food and beverages properly. The buffet-style services are currently being modified as well.
  • Added Changes: The Villa Group have made other important changes to stop direct contact between the guests and the employees. Temporarily, valet parking and personal meal preparation is suspended. There will also be a doctor onsite and medical services will be available 24 hours. A licensed doctor along with their Direction of Operations are working with local health officials as needed.

The best interest of the guests has always been the priority with the Villa Group Resorts. Today, they are more committed than ever to making sure their guests remain safe. Your dream vacation to Mexico is just a phone call away. You deserve to pamper yourself!

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