villa group resorts opening after covid-19

Travel Update: Villa Group Resorts Are Reopening Post COVID-19

The Villa Group Resorts had to close the resorts temporarily because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). However, they are pleased to be welcoming back guests very soon. While being closed, their staff have been making the most of this unexpected situation that has affected the entire world. Travel update, Villa Group Resorts are reopening soon. Learn how they have updated their sanitation practices and requirements for social distancing. The new regulations set in place will keep their guests safe so they can still have an incredible vacation in Mexico. 

  • Villa Group Resorts Are Reopening Post COVID-19

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are the guiding forces behind the updated health and safety standards. Villa Group has all of their resort properties in excellent condition. They have had many renovations completed, all rooms and common areas have been thoroughly cleaned, and other additional improvements were made so they can begin welcoming guests back. Due to the government recommendations, the resorts had to temporarily close, but the Villa Group Resorts are reopening! In addition, their employees have had extra training to make sure staff and guests follow the new guidelines. Plus, The Villa Group is now providing additional cancellation flexibility, so guests can change their travel plans if they have to without paying additional charges. 

villa del palmar loreto villa group

  • Positive Changes 

There have been so many positive changes at the resorts while they were waiting to welcome their guests. To begin with, the employees have been trained with the latest Preverisk food, beverage, and health and safety standards. Also, the employees have taken additional classes on how they can still provide excellent customer services that will also stay in line with the updated safety measures. The maintenance employees have been planting flowers and plants, trimming bushes, and maintaining the irrigation systems. Every pool and jacuzzi at all the resort properties have been drained, cleaned, then serviced. The housekeeping employees have deep cleaned all the units, and painting, maintenance, and other improvements have been done as well. 

  • Flexible Vacation to Mexico

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many families found that staying home for so long was a challenging task. However, you can easily reduce your stress by scheduling a Mexico vacation today. If you do that, then you will have something to look forward to. Currently, Villa Group Resorts is offering flexible vacation packages to Mexico. Plus, they are providing a special 100% cancellation waiver as an added bonus, so guests and vacation club members can book their vacation without worrying about hefty cancellation fees if they ever need to postpone their vacation dates. 

The Villa Group Resorts are reopening in June 2020 and they are ready to start welcoming their guests back! 

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