Packing Advice for Mexico Vacations

Packing Advice for Mexico Vacations

Mexico is a great country to enjoy a great vacation under the sun. It is home to fabulous beaches, breathtaking sceneries and wonderful people. Before going on a Mexico vacation, you have to pack everything that you think are needed for your stay. Here is some advice on what to do and how to pack those essentials things for your Mexico vacation:

Pack for the Activities you Want to Enjoy

Mexico offers a lot of activities for all ages and budgets. The choices are yours and you should decide beforehand what particular things you might want to experience. This is crucial because you will want to bring only the things that you really need, especially if it is for a short time only.

For example, if you decide on water activities like swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding then bring some suitable beach clothes including suncreams to protect your skin from the sun. If you plan on going for some mountain hiking or forest explorations, then include some long-sleeved light cotton shirts and walking shoes. Deciding what to do before you arrive to Mexico will help you decide what to bring for a fantastic vacation. This will lessen the possibility of overloading your baggage and paying excess fees at the airport.

Choose a Color Scheme for Cool Combinations

This is one technique to make your packing for Mexico vacations light and easy. Pack things like clothes, shoes and accessories that match in colors and style. You can choose one or two complementary color schemes to do this, which means that everything you have on vacation can be used together to match the occasion. Packing this way allows you to see if you are missing something and makes it clearer what the essentials are and what are not.

Avoid Filling Up – Pack half a suitcase

This is for the simple reason of allocating some space for the fab things that you will buy and take home when your return after your Mexico vacation. Mexico is a place of many wonderful things to buy, like homemade handicrafts, locally designed clothes, foods and many more things that you will want to bring home with you as gifts or simple souvenirs. To avoid paying for some excess baggages at the airport, you might as well reserve some space for it.

Be aware of restricted items that will cause you hassle

When traveling to Mexico or in any other place in the world by plane, there are some things that you are not allowed to bring. Airports are very strict with this and packing restricted things can cause you delays to your much anticipated vacation. Remember that sharp objects, cigarette lighters and liquids of more than 100 ml are not allowed in your hand luggage. So be sure that you know what you carry or it will spell trouble and time at the security gate.

Places in Mexico like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas have tight security since they expect large volumes of people. Don’t think because it is Mexico that security is not as tight. On the contrary! A traveler was once caught with a necklace which had a bullet pendant and he was held in jail!

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