Food and Fun at PV’s Festival Gourmet

November 23, 2018 at 12:07 pm

Are you ready for some food and fun? This year’s Festival Gourmet International is nearly here and Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, & Tepic are ready to eat! This exciting culinary event began back in 1995 when local chefs Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize created the Festival Gourmet International in order to promote local restaurants and the Puerto Vallarta food scene. They invited internationally recognized chefs to attend the festival, and the Festival Gourmet International has grown over the years to become a huge success.

Festival Gourmet International

Originally, the first Festival Gourmet International was comprised of just six local hotels and six independent restaurants. Today, the general format remains the same in that each local restaurant or hotel invites a chef to host their event. The 2018 Festival Gourmet International will feature twenty-eight hotels and restaurants and more than half a million people have attended the festivals over the years. In addition to event attendees, almost six hundred celebrity chefs have participated in the festival over the years. The Festival Gourmet International is an important event for Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit and has played a part in elevating the local food scene to an international level.

festival gourmet puerto vallarta

Delicious Tasting Menus

The 2018 Festival Gourmet International will start with a bang on Friday, Nov. 23rd at the Hilton Hotel’s Jalisco Hall. This first event offers guests the opportunity to personally meet the guest chefs and taste a variety of exquisite cuisine. The event will run through Sunday, Dec. 2nd and each of the participating restaurants and hotels will host special events where invited chefs will prepare and share their culinary creations with attendees. Depending on the particular event they attend, festival attendees will be treated to either delicious tasting menu or a gourmet a la carte dinner. In addition to enjoying amazing food, festival attendees will be served a premium selection of wines, tequilas and beers.

Premium Local Restaurants

The best restaurants in the region are included in this year’s festival. Premiere participating restaurants include La Casona, Bocados STK, Cafe des Artistes and many others. La Casona will feature a Mediterranean menu created by head Chef Leonardo Castro. La Casona is situated in the upscale Villa La Estancia in the Nuevo Vallarta neighborhood of Riviera Nayarit. Chef Castro uses international-level techniques that are a fusion of French, Italian,Thai, Asian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. La Casona’s invited Chef’s are Penny Davidi & Luciano Mier Santoro who will be on hand to offer their culinary expertise. Villa La Estancia’s La Casona restaurant is best known for preparing specialty and fine choices of meat like Kobe and New York cuts.

Top Events And Chefs

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa will also host an event at Bocados STK Mixology and Grill restaurant. Head Chef Álvaro Cortez will head up the event, and Cortez was formerly the head chef at Villa del Palmar in Cancun. This year, Chef Cortez will be joined by invited guest chef Andrés García González who is now working as the Executive Chef at the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort. In October 2010, García González represented Mexico abroad when he participated in the “Passion in Paris” Trophy contest in France.

Mole and Mariachi

Nothing is more Mexican than mole and mariachi! This year’s Festival Gourmet International will also feature an exciting Night of Mole and Mariachi at the renowned Cafe des Artistes on Nov. 28th at 8pm. Mole is one of Mexico’s most delicious and traditional dishes, and Mariachi music is so passionate and impressive, it is sure to be a magical evening that you must not miss. Did you know that Cafe des Artistes is a world renowned fine dining restaurant is in a class of its own? They are one of the top restaurants in the region and have been serving up incredible and unique dishes for over 27 years. Cafe des Artistes Head chef and founder Thierry Blouet has been the driving force in elevating the Puerto Vallarta food scene to an internationally competitive level cuisine.

Make sure to get your tickets for this year’s 2018 Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit & Tepic. It is guaranteed to be the culinary event of the year!

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All you Need to Know about Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002

February 7, 2018 at 3:37 pm

Are you fond of discount promos or interesting updates on the most popular beach locations in Mexico? Here’s a review of Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002!

Elite Resorts Clubs

Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002!

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  • Cancun

Considered as the holy grail of sunshine, Cancun will be a haven for sunshine lovers. The warm sunny days are available the whole year and the beaches offer breathtaking experiences. Call Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002 to avail of the lowest price for quality accommodations. There’s more to this place and among the wonderful things to expect here are the colorful nightlife, swimming with the whale sharks, diving, and enjoying the Mayan ruins.

  • Puerto Vallarta

Located on the Pacific Coast on Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is another sunny destination to explore. Who would really want to step into this place which was considered as one of the friendliest and safest cities in Mexico? Most tourists from the United States, Europe, and Canada choose Puerto Vallarta as their vacation destination with all the mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and golf courses available in the area. Aside from the picturesque place, the activities are also captivating and include a pirate ship, canopy zippiness, ATVs, and a host of adventure tours. Get the best out of this place by contacting Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002.

  • Cabo San Lucas

Be one of the vacationers who call Cabo San Lucas as the hotspot in Mexico. The area is great for family vacations and romantic getaways. A range of activities awaits you in Cabo San Lucas like zipping, whale watching, camel riding along the beat, playing golf, and cruising. There are also varieties of bars and restaurants in the area. Cabo San Lucas is also where you can find El Arco rock formation at Land’s End. Secure your reservation now by calling Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002.

  • Agents at Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002

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The next time you are planning your vacation, then contact Elite Resorts Clubs on 01 (888) 200 8002. You won’t want to miss out on the deals that Elite Resorts Clubs 01 (888) 200 8002 have to offer.


619-354-5935 Telephone Number – Who is it?

June 7, 2017 at 9:00 am

It’s very likely that you’re here reading this blog post because you have already missed a call from 619-354-5935, and you want to know who was trying to reach you. I can confirm that this is the telephone number registered to Today Getaway, a travel agency which specializes in providing vacations to top destinations in Mexico, namely Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Loreto, It these are destinations you would like to visit, read on.



The agents from Today Getaway may call you from any one of two numbers: 619-354-5935 or 1-877-216-4046. If you were not available they may call back, but the best way to ensure that you do catch them is by calling them back yourself on 619-354-5935. You can also visit their website on

Today Getaway Telesales Agents

Any agent who calls you from 619-354-5935 for Today Getaway will be fully trained and have first-hand experience of the places and resorts which they are promoting. So, if you have a question these really are the people to ask.

Mexican Vacation Destinations at the lowest prices

Today Getaway 619-354-5935 offer great value, all-inclusive Mexican vacations. If you’re eligible for their deals (they will ask you a series of questions) you will be able to enjoy the following places:

Cancun (Mexico’s Caribbean)

The Mexican Caribbean comes alive in the party hub that is Cancun; turquoise waters and white sands meet thrilling clubs and fun bars. Nature lovers can explore the Mesoamerican reef while sun worshippers catch some rays. Don’t forget the Mayan ruins!

Cabo San Lucas (Baja California)

Cabo San Lucas is the crown jewel of Baja California; vacations here will find a fun family atmosphere, a rich history, luxury shopping opportunities, and even water sports to build an appetite for the gourmet dining that is on offer.

Puerto Vallarta (Pacific Coast)

Located on Mexico’s stunning Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta is nestled in Banderas Bay. The weather is great, the art scene is buzzing, and the famed Malecon is as beautiful as people say.

Loreto (Sea of Cortez)

Loreto is a one of a kind vacation spot which overlooks a protected marine wildlife park in Danzante Bay. The elegant, tranquil choice for those who simply want to unwind, Loreto itself is a small town steeped in history and charm.

Call 6193545935 for All Inclusive Vacations to Mexico

As previously mentioned, all Today Getaway vacations are all-inclusive, so once you have paid for the package, you can relax and know that the only thing to worry about is your spending money.

Family Friendly Resort Destination

August 7, 2015 at 9:37 am

As far as family destinations go, Puerto Vallarta is one of the very best in Mexico, and in fact the very best in the world! This family friendly resort destination is a great place to vacation for all ages and persuasions from toddlers to old age pensioners, and is a really wonderful place to invest in a holiday home or vacation property. There are few places in the world that you can return to year on year, but, thanks to the huge amount of attractions and landmarks in the area, Puerto Vallarta is definitely one of them.

Family Friendly Resort Destinations for timeshare or rentals

When you are deciding on a location in which to buy or rent a timeshare, the cost and duration, of flights should definitely be one of the foremost considerations. Especially if you’re travelling with young children or babies! The great thing about Mexico, and about Puerto Vallarta in particular, is that it’s close to both the United States and Canada so you can get there without too much expense or time on the travel front.

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Family Beaches

Puerto Vallarta also has a large number of wonderful beaches to take advantage of. Whether you want large, choppy waves for surfing, or a gentle, calm sea which is safe for swimming, Puerto Vallarta has great examples of both. Furthermore, you can take your family out on day cruises, trips, and activities while you stay. If you plan well you could keep the kiddies busy for the whole two weeks and still have things left for them to do next year.

If you’re staying in the Villa del Palmar or Villa del Palmar Flamingos resorts then the hotel will provide a number of free activities and games which include competitions, yoga, and water aerobics. What’s more there are plenty of organized tours and day trips for you to try when you want some adventure.

Food for Thought in Puerto Vallarta

You can also be sure that you’ll never go hungry in Puerto Vallarta. The resort food is brilliant, but there are also some of the very best gourmet restaurants in Mexico here. So why not take a long, slow walk along the Malecon, watch the sun set over the ocean and then stop off at one of the many great restaurants before you go back to the resort? Whatever pace you like to take while you’re on vacation Puerto Vallarta can accommodate you!

Top 10 Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

July 31, 2015 at 8:25 am

You should never miss the great restaurants when you visit Puerto Vallarta. The city’s love for food is highlighted by different events such as two widely celebrated culinary festivals and a wine affair. Have a taste not just of Mexican dishes, but international cuisines too.

Cafe Des Artistes

A real fine place to have a taste of magnificent foods, great looking decors and exemplary services. It is owned and run by Frenchman Thierry Blouet, who has earned quite a reputation putting the excellent taste of European and Mexican dishes in a single roof.

Blanca Blue

Famous for its great gourmet dishes and excellent services, Blanca Blue is a favorite go-to place for visitors living nearby in Conchas Chinas and Old Town. One can have a breathtaking view of the Banderas Bay while having a romantic dinner in a torch lighted terrace.

La Palapa

Good for a luxury gourmet family meal on the water’s edge, you can dine and experience family bonding by the sea in candlelight. Simply watching the waves move magically while eating during daytime is enough reason to try this place. The nighttime can be enjoyed as live music fills the air in a candlelight dinner setting.

La Leche

A winner in its great presentation and good combination of excellent food. La Leche is run by a father and son duo who has eyes for modern food and a chic atmosphere. Alfonso Cadena, the younger one, moonlights as a band singer with his band who sometimes perform at the restaurant. Its wide variety of dishes that are serve different each day make an everyday visit, a unique dining experience.

La Leche Restaurant Puerto Vallarta

De Santos

A trendy and plush restaurant that serves food blended with great music. It offers Italian dishes and has a resident band to fill your night with fun and entertainment. A Favorite drinking place for locals and visitors, where the bar is located on its roof, overlooking the dazzling lights of the night scene.

El Patio de mi Casa

A truly relaxing place with tropical plants and tranquil air. It is known for its jazz bands who perform nightly and some other musical shows. You can enjoy the place by simply having a wine, while enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the great foods.

El Trio

Great tasting international and Mexican cuisines are what this restaurant is known for. It boasts of gourmet dishes served in large volume and takes pride of its outstanding customer service. You can have a European dining experience, where you can lavishly gorge on European recipes.

Dolce Vita

If you feel like eating Italian, Dolce Vita is the place for you. They serve good Italian pizzas and pastas. The quality is at its highest and can be experienced with its two sites located on the boardwalk and one in Puerto Vallarta.


A primarily seafood restaurant, where one can feel the freedom of youth. Located near the sea at the northern side of Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk, its great food and hippy ambiance makes it a favorite place for locals.

Sonora Grill Prime

A great place to socialize as it is frequented by many food loving people. Steak is its main course, but serves diverse dishes for everyone’s satisfaction. Dining while hearing the loud rock and roll music is simply fantastic.

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