Mexico and Time share Mix

Do Mexico and Time share Mix?

Are you thinking about buying a timeshare and don’t know where to invest your money? Mexico is a great option for timeshare purchases and vacation club membership. If you are not sure, read four reason to buy a timeshare in Mexico.


1. Location, Location, Location!

Most people will find it useful to consider the location of their time share for practical reasons. Geographically, Mexico is excellently located for time share owners coming from the United States and Canada because of its close proximity. This means cheaper flights, more direct routes and shorter flight times – all of which adds a bonus to your purchase.

You will find that Mexico’s coast is considered among the best in the world for beach vacations as well as for its diversity. You can find Caribbean destinations such as Cancun, mountainous tropical Pacific destinations such as Puerto and Nuevo Vallarta as well as Baja Californian desert beaches such as those in Cabo San Lucas. With such variety, you are sure to find the perfect spot to buy a timeshare in Mexico to suit you and your family.

2. Reputation and Investment Potential

Mexico has a good reputation for selling quality timeshare products at great prices. Labor and land costs keep time share prices down and has a favorable effect on the price of maintenance fees. This makes a Mexico timeshare a safe investment, although no timeshare should be seen as a get rich quick scheme. You will find many of the big names in time share operating in Mexico and will find a great choice of timeshare properties to buy.

3. Culture Compatibility

One of the attractions of purchasing a time share in Mexico’s popular tourist destinations is that you will get to enjoy the warm hospitality and all the fabulous cultural attractions of Mexico. Mexico’s hospitality industry is renowned for its superb service and amazing people and it is common for staff to call you by your name when you visit your timeshare.

Food is another great reason to buy a timeshare in Mexico. Mexico’s culinary traditions are so good they have been protected by UNESCO! And that’s no lie. You will find all your favorite delicious Mexican dishes as well as international restaurants, which are available in all the major destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Loreto.

Language is never a problem either. Most visitors (those from the US at least) can speak a few Spanish words to be polite, like “buenos días,” “gracias” and “una cerveza, por favor!” while you will find the majority of Mexicans in the tourist destinations speak pretty good English. You are not going to get lost in translation!

4. Things to Do

And finally, in Mexico, you won’t get bored of visiting your timeshare. You will find enough diverse activities in the beach destinations to keep you coming back year after year and still try something new. Golf is popular in the more exclusive beach areas, as well as horseback riding, diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, cooking classes – you name it, you can do it Mexico.

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