Interval International Timeshare

Interval International Timeshare

The travel and tourism industry is a market which is ever growing, and which offers more and more options for people to organize fun and effortless vacations in an economical way. One such provider in this market is Interval International timeshare; this is a company which will help you to reduce stress by streamlining the process.

Interval International Timeshare Exchange

Interval International Timeshare Exchange has just under 2 million members worldwide and is now the second largest club of its kind in the world. Interval International timeshare exchange offers a range of products from direct timeshare exchanges, points swapping, non-owner rentals and private residence services.

For about 40 years, Interval International timeshare exchange has been active in 75 countries and has been collaborating with 2, 800 resorts. There are a number of reasons as to why Interval International presents an attractive option for Timeshare owners. Firstly, they only work with the most reputable Timeshare providers and so act as a kind of guarantee for those browsing their options. Secondly, Interval International allows you to swap your Timeshare weeks for flexible points or similar time and accommodations elsewhere in the world.

Owners of Timeshare

You don’t have to own a Timeshare to join Interval International, however; you can simply buy points directly. The points system gives you ultimate flexibility over your vacations by letting you decide whether the amount of time, the quality of the unit or the destination is the most important factor to you. You can even save points and carry them from one year to the next in order to afford a really extravagant vacation. You can even use your points to enjoy cruises!

Not a member?

If you’re not a member and haven’t bought points then you can still rent timeshares that are owned and offered up by members at Interval International timeshare exchange. This is a very popular thing to do, as such short term memberships are a great way to try out the perks without tying yourself into any commitments. It’s no surprise that such short term stays often lead to full memberships. You also have the option to keep all your points and just buy an extra vacation.

Finally, when you become a member of Interval International you can also enjoy various discounts on flights and car rentals (as well as other deals and offers).

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