Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Family Friendly Resort Destination

As far as family destinations go, Puerto Vallarta is one of the very best in Mexico, and in fact the very best in the world! This family friendly resort destination is a great place to vacation for all ages and persuasions from toddlers to old age pensioners, and is a really wonderful place to invest in a holiday home or vacation property. There are few places in the world that you can return to year on year, but, thanks to the huge amount of attractions and landmarks in the area, Puerto Vallarta is definitely one of them.

Family Friendly Resort Destinations for timeshare or rentals

When you are deciding on a location in which to buy or rent a timeshare, the cost and duration, of flights should definitely be one of the foremost considerations. Especially if you’re travelling with young children or babies! The great thing about Mexico, and about Puerto Vallarta in particular, is that it’s close to both the United States and Canada so you can get there without too much expense or time on the travel front.

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Family Beaches

Puerto Vallarta also has a large number of wonderful beaches to take advantage of. Whether you want large, choppy waves for surfing, or a gentle, calm sea which is safe for swimming, Puerto Vallarta has great examples of both. Furthermore, you can take your family out on day cruises, trips, and activities while you stay. If you plan well you could keep the kiddies busy for the whole two weeks and still have things left for them to do next year.

If you’re staying in the Villa del Palmar or Villa del Palmar Flamingos resorts then the hotel will provide a number of free activities and games which include competitions, yoga, and water aerobics. What’s more there are plenty of organized tours and day trips for you to try when you want some adventure.

Food for Thought in Puerto Vallarta

You can also be sure that you’ll never go hungry in Puerto Vallarta. The resort food is brilliant, but there are also some of the very best gourmet restaurants in Mexico here. So why not take a long, slow walk along the Malecon, watch the sun set over the ocean and then stop off at one of the many great restaurants before you go back to the resort? Whatever pace you like to take while you’re on vacation Puerto Vallarta can accommodate you!

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