Cancun Weather in the Caribbean


The weather in the Caribbean plays a very important role in choosing a place for a vacation, and in many beach destinations the climate may vary greatly depending on which time of year you plan your vacation. Thankfully you can enjoy Caribbean weather at its best in Cancun any season of the year, although the hurricane season can bring heavier rain.

Cancun’s amazing beaches are a favorite for many people arriving to Mexico from Canada, USA and Europe looking for great weather and a relaxing Caribbean environment. Cancun weather in the Caribbean boasts favorable meteorological patterns, and Cancun is considered to be one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for its weather. Cancun weather enjoys a high number of sunny days per year in the Caribbean, which accounts for approximately 250 out of 365 days.

Cancun is one place in the Caribbean where you can plan your vacation without having to worry too much about rainy weather marring your vacation holidays. Occasional rainy spells won’t last long either and you can still make the most of the beaches sunbathing or engaging in all sorts of beach activities, even on those days predicted to rain.

Being a coastal region, there is very little temperature variation all-round the year in Cancun. For more pleasant Cancun weather, try visiting Cancun in winter when temperatures are usually between 81 degrees to 66 degrees. Temperatures drop a little at night but in general weather is hot and balmy, with a cool breeze during the evenings making it great for activities on the beach.

Older visitors will also enjoy Cancun weather in the Caribbean as temperatures are not too extreme. In summer it is usually between 90 degrees and 75 degrees. Such weather is typical in the Caribbean. You can thus plan your vacation to suit your preferences, opting to spend time at the beach for a winter break in the Caribbean enjoying warm yet pleasant weather, or visiting during the summer.

In conclusion, Cancun weather in the Caribbean is ideal for beach vacations, just keep an eye on the news for hurricanes in the Caribbean to come prepared to dance on the beach in the hot rain!

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