Cabo Vacation – When Should I Visit?

When is the perfect month to visit Cabo? Cabo San Lucas is a coastal destination on the southern edge of Mexico’s Baja California Sur. There, the area is known for having the best weather conditions year-round. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you want to enjoy a Cabo vacation; the weather is always great! You can expect sunny and warm days, and if you want to enjoy a variety of water activities, you can do that, too. If you need a great place to stay for your Cabo vacation, then check out the Villa La Valencia or the Villa del Palmar Cabos. They are excellent properties in Cabo that are part of the prestigious Villa Group collection of luxury resorts. Currently, special deals are available for all-inclusive travel packages that fit your budget. In the meantime, read below to learn more about when you should visit Cabo.

Cabo Vacation – When Should I Visit?

Many people believe that one of the best times of the year that you can visit Cabo is from November through May. During these months is when the rest of North America is experiencing snowy and cold weather. However, warm and sunny weather is what you can expect in Mexico. The winter time is the high season in Cabo, so you can expect bigger crowds who also want to jet down south to enjoy Baja’s incredible scenery and great climate. The weeks around Christmas and New Year’s weeks are especially popular times to visit Cabo along with Easter weeks for Spring break. In January, the temperature is around 72 degrees, and January is the coldest month in Mexico. If you love to hike and mountain bike, the winter is a perfect time to enjoy these popular outdoor activities in Baja.

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Summer Months in Cabo for Vacations

You should know that the weather during the summer months in Cabo is very warm. Los Cabos has pleasant weather most of the year, but the summer months up until the first couple weeks of fall the weather can be quite hot and humid. For example, in Los Cabos June is the hottest month as the temperature averages 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius. In addition, the summer months in Cabo are also hurricane season, which typically occurs from June through August. If you are planning a summer month Cabo vacation, then you need to be aware that a tropical storm and even a hurricane could happen, but the nearby mountains help shield Los Cabos from dangerous storms. There are less visitors to the area during the summer, so you can expect smaller crowds and more affordable flights and lodging, too.

Seasonal Activities in Cabo

If you would like to go whale watching in Cabo, then you can do that from December through March as the humpback whales start migrating south to the warm waters surrounding Baja to mate and birth their young. During the months of December and January, you will see more adult whales. Then, in February and March you may see baby whales swimming as well. Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving are popular activities to enjoy in Cabo, and during April the waters are warmer, which makes it perfect for these activities. Also, sea turtle hatching happens during the summer months. The turtles lay their eggs on beaches throughout Cabo, then conservation groups collect all the eggs for protection. You can help release the baby sea turtles to the sea when they hatch. It is an exciting event the entire family will enjoy!

Are you ready for a Cabo vacation? Depending on your personal preference, any time of the year is a great time to visit Cabo. Remember, if you need great accommodations, then check out the Villa La Valencia or the Villa del Palmar Los Cabos. They are excellent resorts in Cabo with many perks. Currently, they have special deals on all-inclusive travel packages to suit your needs. Plus, they have an exclusive vacation club or timeshare ownership program for qualified travelers who want to regularly vacation in paradise. In addition to Cabo, the Villa Group has a total of 10 luxury resorts in Mexico’s top destinations including Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, and the Riviera nayarit. Timeshare owners get to prepay for future travel at low rates, so they save money over time. Are you ready to plan a wonderful trip to reconnect with your loved ones? Call the Villa Group today and book your getaway to Baja right now!