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Benefits of Established Timeshare Companies

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Like any big purchase, you need to make sure that the company you are buying from is reputable and that the product you are buying is going to serve its purpose without you being ripped off. The best way to secure quality and avoid a scam in timeshare is to buy from an establish timeshare company that has at least 8 years of experience.  When buying with a reputable timeshare company you are guaranteed satisfaction and you can be sure there is no scam involved.


Scams are common in the timeshare industry but what many people haven’t considered is that the scams do not involve genuine timeshare companies but are the result of offshoot businesses such as timeshare lawyers, resale scams and fraudulent time share sellers misrepresenting the name of a genuine company.


If you purchase from an established company and ensure that you only deal directly with them, avoiding resales, your timeshare experience should be a good one. In some instances, bogus timeshare sellers pretend to be agents for genuine timeshares resorts, however, these are easy to spot as you are not likely to visit the resort in question. It is therefore prudent to never buy a timeshare at a presentation where you are not given a tour of the resort or at least a resort owned by the company in question if you are interested in a pre-sale property.


Established timeshare companies are also likely to offer you the best prices on timeshare units, thanks to their years of experience being able to get the best prices on construction, architects and so on. This is also seen in the maintenance fees as larger established companies are more efficient and have greater structures already in place to bring these necessities into action. Experience will have a positive effect on the functionality and quality of the timeshare resort too, as you benefit from their knowhow having had more time in the industry.


Finally, established timeshare companies are more likely to be honest in their sales’ tactics, having more to lose. Their reputation has taken years to establish and therefore you will find that sales staff are greatly monitored and there is more attention to detail in the timeshare contracts to avoid misunderstandings.


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