Why are Villa del Palmar Loreto Timeshare Vacations the best?

On the Islands of Loreto in Baja California, the Villa del Palmar Loreto timeshare resort lies on the shores of the shimmering Sea of Cortez. This is, of course, one of the more beautiful areas in Mexico, hard to believe considering the outstanding beauty found all over the country. “Paradise” might come to mind when you view the town of Loreto with its quaint cobbled streets and Jesuit mission/missionary museum.

Nature in all its grand glory at your Villa del Palmar Loreto Timeshare

It’s easy to see why the word paradise is so often connect with the Islands of Loreto when you consider the utterly unrivalled landscape all over the island. From the mountains to the rolling foothills, from the shimmering sea to the winding rivers, from majestic palm tree to tropical flowers the Islands of Loreto’s surroundings wont disappoint you!

A Timeshare Resort with Respect

The Villa del Palmar Loreto timeshare resort is an ecologically aware company and resort that supports a large array of local projects and even runs its own recycling program to ensure that Loreto, its waters and landscapes, stay always as beautiful as they are now.

Villa del Palmar Loreto Timeshare

Great accommodation at good prices

The Villa del Palmar brand, as a whole, is renowned for giving exceptional value for money to its members and Villa del Palmar Loreto timeshare is no exception to this rule. With generously sized, impeccably furnished and decorated suites at reasonable prices, Villa del Palmar Loreto offers luxury to all.

Underwater Experiences

The waters around the islands of Loreto are a protected biosphere that houses a huge and varied population of fish and underwater flora. Villa del Palmar Loreto timeshare resort is perfectly placed to allow you to take full advantage of this wonderful place; you can snorkel, dive or kayak in glass bottomed boats if you wish to see the wildlife in all its splendour.

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