Timeshare Nightmare Experiences

Timeshare Nightmare Experiences

There is nothing worse than timeshare nightmare experiences, but the truth is that they are easy to avoid. Timeshare nightmare experiences are not the norm, although the bad press that timeshare receives in general might have you believe that timeshare is a nightmare in and of itself.The truth about timeshare is that it need not be a nightmare, these experiences occur when timeshare buyers purchase above their means, or when you are involved in a timeshare scam (many of which actually target timeshare owners rather than buyers). So, lets take a look at some of the nightmare experiences you can avoid.Timeshare Nightmare Experiences

Timeshare Scams
Timeshare nightmare experiences that arise from deliberate timeshare scams are not so common yet can be the worst timeshare nightmare. More common in the past than today thanks to regulations were timeshare scams where buyers would be sold units in non-existent properties or in resorts that were never finished. The way to tell these kinds of scams are when you attend a presentation that does not take place in the resort you are buying. Only sign a timeshare contract when you are present on the hotel site, do not buy from photographs.

Timeshare Resale Scams
Other timeshare nightmare experiences occur once you are an owner and a resale agent tricks you into thinking you can sell your timeshare for a great profit in return for a large joining fee. Avoid these kinds of scams, particularly if you receive a phone call out of the blue. This is not as costly as buying a timeshare that doesn’t exist but will leave you out of pocket.

Timeshare Nightmare Misunderstandings
Unfortunately, some experiences arise because of confusion or misunderstandings that arise at the time of a genuine purchase. Remember that timeshare can be a great investment if it suits your vacation needs and income. Read the contract and clarify any questions before signing. If in doubt, ask to speak to a senior member of staff for clarification of any issues.

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