Do you Always leave a Hotel Review?

April 3, 2018 at 4:14 pm

Do you always leave a hotel review when you return home after a vacation? You and I have all been there. We are going to vacation, but this vacation is a place that we have never been to before. We research the hotel and look for feedback from previous guests that have already stayed at the hotel. You can always look at the hotel’s website, but this will only give you information on the hotel and their amenities. You will not get any information that a guest could tell you, which is why it is important to always leave a review for a hotel that you stayed at, so future guests can see the hotel through a guest’s eyes.

Do you always leave a hotel review? Here are a few reasons why you should:

Reward a Staff Member with your hotel review

If you have a wonderful experience at the hotel, but one specific staff member made your hotel stay better, then you should write a review, so the hotel can hear about it and they can reward the staff member. The staff member could get a promotion, raise, or a bonus from you leaving a positive review. Writing a hotel review will allow you to help a staff member for their outstanding work performance.

Helping Future Guests

Any honest hotel review will help future guests. You will have the insight and knowledge about the hotel once you have stayed there. You can provide tips to future guests such as working the thermostat, dining at restaurants, and how to work the television. Let future guests and everyone know about your stay. Don’t be shy. Your insight and information will be very valuable for future guests.

Ensuring Search Engines are Honest

You will be ensuring search engines are honest when you post your hotel review on any website that is based upon traveling. The reviews and comments will be made by genuine travelers. Many large hotel chains seem to dominate the search engines as they hire a professionals for social marketing and advertising campaigns.

Complaints Should be Directed to Hotel

Of course, honesty is very important for all hotel reviews as this provides information for future travelers, but if you have complaints, then you should direct them to the hotel first. The hotel may offer you a free future stay, vouchers, and even give you a discount. Every genuine and reputable hotel will do whatever there is to do to make sure their customers are happy. If you have brought your complaints to the hotel and they didn’t try to make it up to you, then you can describe your experience with your hotel review.

You can post your hotel review after your stay has ended. Do you always leave a hotel review? If you don’t, then you should start!

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Seeking Discount Vacation Reviews?

Seeking Discount Vacation Reviews?

December 31, 2015 at 12:27 pm

If you’re looking for unbiased, informative reviews of leading discount vacations then you have definitely come to the right place. We have a number of discount vacation reviews, and can even tell you how to find the cheapest possible vacations. Discount vacations are surprisingly easy to come by when you play your cards right; just use your head and shop around before booking anything. Here are some of our top tips and most informative reviews to get you on the right track for next year’s vacation.

Discount Vacation Reviews

Reviews for Discounted Flights

The cost of your flight could be the most expensive part of any vacation, depending upon where you’re going. According to discount vacation reviewers, the best way to keep flight costs down is to choose locations that are served by budget airlines. You should also click on the “watch flights” option that many websites like Expedia and Kayak have – these will let you know when the cheapest flights to your chosen location are. It’s also advisable to find your flights before booking your accommodations as cheap rooms are easier to come by.

Discount Vacation Hotels

Budget hotels may get a bad rep due to those that are doing it wrong, but there are so many out there that get it right! Just be sure to check reviews carefully so that you don’t end up with rooms in a hotel that is unfit for your purposes. Many discount vacation reviews suggest looking for budget options, or special deals, at more luxurious resorts as you’ll get the lower price, but generally receive a higher quality of service.

Reviews of Discount Vacation Timeshare Presentations

Hospitality reviews suggest that one great way to get a luxurious discount vacation is to go to one of those companies that offers low prices in return for attendance at a sales seminar.

Reputable companies won’t pressure you into buying anything, and in the end it’s only half a day of your vacation. The only danger is that you might fall in love with the hotel and choose to invest, but that’s really up to you! That possibility aside, you get a great room for less.

Leaving things to the Last Minute

Whether you book really early or super last minute there’s one common theme; generally there will be a deal to be had somewhere. The best last minute deals to be had are generally those with charter tour operators who include the hotel room in the package. These days, however, you will generally get a better deal by booking in advance than at the last minute.

Hotel Newsletters and Mailing Lists

Many discount vacation reviews will recommend that you subscribe to hotel newsletters in the destinations that you would most like to visit. This way you’ll get the gossip on all the best discounts and special packages that could save you heaps of money. Following the hotels on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well, is a great way to keep an eye on their deals and offers throughout the year.

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