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Recommendations for a Romantic Vacation

Looking for that perfect honeymoon or romantic vacation destination need not be hard. Knowing what kind of setting you like is the first step. Is it a tropical vacation or a cold mountain type of a landscape? Would like it in a beach or in the middle of a forest like lost souls? The world is full of wonderful places where you can have the honeymoon vacation of your dream.

Here are some recommendations for some truly romantic vacations.

  • Getting hot under the sun is what you get in Mexico. It’s the most favorite country for that perfect tropical honeymoon experience. Cancun is a household name around the world when it comes to great beaches. Cancun is Caribbean’s greatest attraction. Found in the Yucatan Peninsula, its breathtaking landscape and green watered beach earn admiration from all four corners of the globe.

    Puerto Vallarta entices people by its unique infrastructures of cobblestone streets and modern exteriors. The 1960’s saw the emergence of this place with famous personalities such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor choosing to make it their home, finding solace, privacy and comfort in this magical place. Located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, you’re sure to love its line of fabulous beaches and resorts.

    Cabo San Lucas will never be far behind when you talk of statistics concerning honeymoon visits. gain, just like most parts of Mexico, beaches are its main attraction. Luxurious accommodations await visitors with top notch hotels and resorts having the best amenities around.

  • Italy will always be a contender in the game of romance. Its enduring appeal to loving couples is as strong as ever. It has lots of romantic places with high magnitude of sweet air that brings unlimited romance to two committed souls.

    The grandeur of Rome is brought by a rich culture, historical arts and remarkably delicious food. Who wouldn’t have an appetite for its known pastas and spaghettis? Going to Venice means zigzagging through channels of canals where a tight embrace with your loved one aboard a gondola is a welcome sight.

    Get attached to nature when you’re in Tuscany. Admire the complex architecture and fine arts in Florence and Pisa. Staying in Verona lets you enjoy the open air oper watching compelling shows like Romeo and Juliet. You’ll wish your love story is like theirs, where undying love is put into focus.

    Italy will get your approval for romantic vacations as it is a true blue place for romantics like you.

  • Wonder what it feels like being in Paradise. Then head off somewhere in the Indian Ocean where islands and stunning vistas can let you feel like it. There are numerous islands here, but three notables stand out.

    One is Seychelles archipelago where the tropical warmth sends great feelings of thrill and excitement. Its environment of forested landscape will take honeymooners on a unique kind of adventure. You can also enjoy its waters that seem to be designed intentionally by big granite formations. Perfect for some photo and video shoots that will serve as lasting memories of this great archipelago.

    Madagascar, listed as one of the world’s largest islands, is a haven for exotic yet lovable animals. Be lost in its variety of landscapes like hidden valleys, tropical rain forests and long mountain ranges. It offers a different kind of honeymoon experiences.

    Mauritius boasts of different water formations with its own unique qualities. Lagoons and beaches make honeymooners engage in some fun water activities. Ideal for diving and snorkeling where you can have a glimpse of its underwater beauty.

  • France is highly ranked when it comes to romantic vacations. It speaks of love and poetry. Its places will keep love alive and kicking.

    Paris with its River Seine and the Eiffel Tower is a must see vacation spot. It allows public kissing and acts of deep affection. Smooching under the Eiffel tower is sweet, so is a leisurely walk along the River Seine.

    Lovebirds are recommended to stay longer when in the Loire Valley. Its magnificent surroundings will further reinforce a serious attachment with the place.

    Smooze in the presence high society in Saint Tropez on the French Riviera. It’s a favorite place for the wealthy and glamorous ones. You can see gorgeous bodies on its beaches where clothing is optional and getting naked is legal. Dine exclusively in an ultra chic restaurant and have that delicious French cuisines.

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