Do I need a timeshare advisor?

When you are in the process of investing in such a big thing as a timeshare it might seem good sense to hire a professional timeshare advisor to help you avoid the pitfalls. But is it really as helpful as some would claim?

What is a timeshare advisor and what do they do?

A timeshare advisor is someone who is paid to give advice to those who are interested in investing in a timeshare property. They deal with everything from providing a general overview of the current market to cancellations to scams, and can even talk through a contract with you.

There are roughly three kinds of typical timeshare advisors – pre sale, post-sale and sales-floor. Depending upon their role and affiliation, their level of impartiality may vary.

How much do they charge?

Truthfully? That depends on what you want them to do, whether it be research on your behalf or just to answer some general questions and give their professional opinion.

Do I really need a timeshare advisor?

If we were to be brutally honest we’d say no; you don’t need to hire a timeshare advisor, although it might be a good step if you are particularly unsure of the local area or what you want from your timeshare purchase.

What should I do, then?

We would say the first thing you should do is to focus on your own research; much of the information a timeshare advisor will give you could be found for free with some savvy googling and a little time and effort.

First, you should check independent reviews of the timeshare providers you are considering and then you could even check TripAdvisor for reviews of the resorts themselves. If you find a few clubs that you like and seem good for you but you can’t quite decide you might then hire an advisor to gain access to their local knowledge. Otherwise, it is best to save your money.

If, however, you do decide to consult a timeshare advisor, you should always do some background research on the advisor themselves to see just what their reputation is before you hand over any money!

Remember, the internet is your friend! On this blog alone you can find a wealth of information regarding timeshares; the pros, the cons and even the possible scams!

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