Have you heard that timeshare ownership in Mexico is a very wise investment? It is because it guarantees that you and your family will always have the best vacations! Plus, you will be prepaying for future travel at today’s low rates, which means you will save a lot of money over time. All vacation club members will enjoy luxurious services and accommodations on each and every vacation. Even after knowing all of the benefits of being a vacation club member, there are some people that decide that they would like to cancel their membership for various reasons. However, by doing so they run the risk of becoming a victim to timeshare ownership scams in Mexico. There are fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that promise cancellation services they cannot legally provide. Read below to learn important information on how you can prevent yourself from becoming involved in timeshare ownership scams in Mexico.

2021 Mexico Timeshare Scams

You can easily avoid any Mexico timeshare scams in 2021 when you only work with your existing provider! Anytime you look for assistance from outside companies, you are risking the chance of unknowingly working with scammers. For different reasons, some vacation club members consider cancelling their membership. However, a vacation club membership contract is a legally binding agreement. The truth is, the only time members can legally cancel their contract is during the rescission period or the cooling off period, which occurs a few days after the contract has been signed. Despite this fact, scammers will say anything they can to convince existing vacation club members just to get them to pay them an upfront fee, then they vanish without providing them with any services. To avoid timeshare ownership scams in Mexico, you should only work with your existing provider!

Benefits With Timeshare Ownership

People that decide to join a vacation club will enjoy many benefits. Firstly, you will never have to look for hotels and resorts online wasting your time to only be sad when you arrive for your vacation. You are guaranteed to have only the best vacations when you become a member as resort accommodations, services and amenities are top notch. Wondering who is the best? You should consider joining the Villa Group Resorts. They are a reputable provider that has 9 amazing resorts throughout Mexico. Plus, they also provide their members with an exchange network that allows members to stay at other properties, too. Members can also bank unused points to use to make future vacations even better! Having great vacations while making unforgettable memories with your family should be a priority in 2021.

Cancellation Risks with Timeshare Ownership

Being a timeshare owner comes with so many benefits, but there are still some members that decide that they no longer want their membership. This is when fraudulent cancellation companies attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting members. They will say and do anything to get the member to believe that they can cancel their membership contract, which we know they cannot do. They maliciously charge a lot of money upfront, then vanish without providing any services. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) are protecting vacation club members as a warning was issued by them. You should never talk to anyone that isn’t your existing provider. By doing so, this will keep you from being involved in a timeshare ownership scam in Mexico. Villa Group Resorts is a well-known and reputable provider that you should consider investing your money. They never scam their members and work hard to make sure every vacation is as good as the last one.

Villa Group timeshare ownership will provide you and your family with great vacations for a small investment. You will be saving money over time, because you prepay for your future vacations at today’s low prices. If you want to make sure you and your family always have great vacations, you can do that at the Villa Group Resorts. Plus, they have added COVID health and sanitation protocols at their properties. That way, guests and staff members are safe to relax and enjoy their holiday. Contact them today to sign up for a sales presentation and property tour. It will be the best decision of your life!

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