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Job Seekers – VLOs at the Villa Group Timeshare Division

Job seekers who are keen to work in the timeshare industry will already know that there are many roles to fill within any timeshare company. The traditional sales and marketing roles are, of course, present, but you can also take up work as a OPC (Off Premises Contact/Outside Public Contact) or as a VLO (Verification Loan Officer). The Villa Group timeshare division is no exception, offering a range of positions for professionals seeking work in the timeshare industry.

This article is dedicated to exploring what the VLO’s job is within a timeshare company like the Villa Group.

Verification Loan Officer Jobs at the Villa Group timeshare division

The role of a VLO at the Villa Group timeshare division is a particularly important one as this individual will work with clients every single day. The main purpose of the day to day work of a VLO is to protect the members of the vacation club by ensuring that they understand the way in which their Villa Group timeshare contracts work. As a VLO you would be the first point of contact for people after they make their decision to invest with the Villa Group.

Working on Behalf of the Developer

The Verification Loan Offices who work for the Villa Group timeshare division are primarily representatives for the developer, who keep relations with members in good shape. They do this by making sure they know about all the benefits that come with the vacation memberships. This is a prestigious role which requires a certain level of diplomacy, people skills, honesty and attention to detail.

Training at the Villl Group

Training to fulfill the role of a VLO at the Villa Group timeshare division is fairly intense as it requires the individual to know inside and out the contracts and procedures of the company that they work for. Though they work together with the sales team, a VLO is the last point of contact for a client before they sign their Villa Group timeshare contract. This is why most good VLOs provide their clients with an email address for easy contact so they can get in touch if they have questions.

VLO Job Opportunities at the Villa Group

VLO jobs do not often come up as they are very popular and sought after by many. The most reliable way to get such a job would be to start in another position within the Villa Group timeshare division, gathering knowledge and working towards promotion. If you are motivated and persistent you could get there much more quickly than you ever imagined!

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