Are you currently a vacation club member or a timeshare member, and you are wondering if you could cancel your timeshare? Some existing owners have been thinking about their legal rights, and wondering if they can legally cancel their vacation club membership. You may not be one of these people, because you are pleased to have purchased your membership with a reputable provider with the Villa Group Resorts. However, would you like to know if you can legally cancel your membership? If you are, then read below to learn how to cancel a timeshare membership.

– How to Cancel a Timeshare Membership: 

There are many details when it comes to canceling a vacation club membership, which is why some existing members get confused on how they can cancel their timeshare membership. Every vacation club membership has an official document, and there is a legal contract that every member must sign. Then, they will have to pay the fee for the vacation club membership, and every month there are maintenance fees that are required to be collected as well. Some vacation club memberships don’t charge monthly maintenance fees, but they require the maintenance fees to be paid either once a year or twice a year. To know exactly when your fees are due, you will have to check your membership contract. Also, the maintenance fees may increase slightly in future years so that the property can continue to provide the high-level qualities that you expect.

– Cooling Off Period: Cancelling: 

A vacation club member that wants to cancel their membership can do so, but only if it is during the cooling off period, which is generally within a week or two from when the contract was officially signed. The cooling off period is also known as the rescission period. If you want to find out the specific days or time period for your cooling off period, you need to read your membership contact. Usually, the cooling off period is approximately 5-14 days after you have signed the contract. It is legally possible for members to cancel their vacation club membership as long as they do it during the cooling off period. Once the cooling off period has ended, you are bound by the legal contract, and you will be required to pay your maintenance fees and dues as stated in your membership contract.

– Timeshare Cancellation Companies are Scammers: 

You have now learned that you can legally cancel your timeshare membership as long as it is during the cooling off period. If you have been a vacation club member for a while, then you can’t legally cancel your contract. Sadly, some existing members are still contacted by cancellation companies claiming they can cancel the legal contract, but they ask members to pay a fee for their cancellation services. You can prevent yourself from becoming a scam victim, because you now know that there is no cancellation company out there that can legally cancel your membership once the cooling off period has ended. If you are within the cooling off period, you simply contact your current timeshare provider and cancel your membership yourself without paying any extra money. Again, there is no cancellation company out there that can legally cancel your membership. The only time that your timeshare membership can be cancelled is during the cooling off period or the rescission period, and you can do this yourself without any outside assistance. If you are approached by a scammer cancellation company and your cooling off period has passed, you should avoid them as they are only wanting to scam you. Remember, if you ever have any questions about your vacation club membership, you should contact them directly. You should never discuss your membership with any outsiders because usually they are scammers trying to provide you with a service that they cannot legally provide.

In conclusion, are you able to cancel your timeshare? Yes, but only during the cooling off period or rescission period. This is usually 5-14 days after you have signed your vacation club membership contract. Once the cooling off period has passed, then you are unable to cancel your timeshare, and no cancellation company can cancel it either. You have just learned how to cancel a timeshare membership.

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