great puerto vallarta christmas

A Great Puerto Vallarta Christmas

Choosing to spend your holiday season in Puerto Vallarta can be one unforgettable Christmas experience. The fine weather, the festive ambience, joyful celebrations and cultural events are all present, to make your Puerto Vallarta Christmas a one stop, have it all festive adventure. Puerto Vallarta promises not just fabulous beaches and wonderful sights, but it will also show you what true Christmas is.

The Spirit of a Puerto Vallarta Christmas is Felt Everywhere

Puerto Vallarta embraces what the true spirit of Christmas is. A season to be thankful, a time to share, and spend moments of togetherness. It’s the perfect time to remember the good things we received and feel grateful for it. A time to lend a hand to those in need and share the abundance of blessings we have. Christmas is when families and friends meet and gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus in this predominantly Catholic country.

A lot of Christmas parties called posadas are held, which are joyous festivities to share the season’s magical moments with your closest friends and family. One great event that happens during the early weeks of December is the Festival Of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This festival sees the streets of Downtown Puerto Vallarta filled with floats and processions, making their way to the church of Guadalupe.

A Sunny Christmas

Winter time in the northern hemisphere is dreaded because of its low temperature and biting cold weather. Most countries see their citizens all wrapped up in thick clothes when winter and Christmas comes. Puerto Vallarta is different because winter remains warm and sunny, giving new meaning to the Christmas carol, “I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Day…” Christmas in Puerto Vallarta spells lots of outdoor activities and fun. Imagine having Christmas on the beach!

The Christmas Whales

Puerto Vallarta Christmases provide unique adventures not witness in many part of the globe. The holiday season welcomes its biggest visitors, literally speaking, which comes out of the deep seas for everyone’s enjoyment. Humpback Whales reach the Banderas Bay around November time to give birth, and stay until around the end of March. What an experience it is to see these mammoth creatures traversing the blue ocean. Take a whale watching trip and see them do natural stunts like spyhopping and raising their tail and fin giving the waters a big splash. It’s entertainment that only nature can give, gifting you with a one heart stopping show on your Puerto Vallarta Christmas vacation.

A Comfortable Christmas Shopping Experience

The usual Christmas shopping is done in haste and quite stressful. With the crowds to contend with, it seems every shopper is battling for his own space. You’ll never experience such a thing in Puerto Vallarta; department stores, specialty shops and shopping malls flourish in the area, giving you lots of choices. Visit the Malecon, where specialty shops are located and selling different, unique items that can be a memorable gift for someone dear to you. Tour other shopping places that will fill the need and satisfy the taste of each member of your family. Finding the perfect gift can’t come easier than this and Puerto Vallarta has it all.

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