5 Timeshare Solutions

Some of the most common timeshare problems have quite simple timeshare solutions which will allow you to deal with or even avoid timeshare problems altogether! Here are some top timeshare solutions to keep in mind.

5 Timeshare Solutions

1. Problems with Dates and Reservations

To avoid having trouble in getting the weeks you want for your vacation you should book your stay well in advance! Most companies will allow you to book your stay up to two years in advance of your vacation and doing this should prevent any issues with getting the desired weeks. A simple timeshare solution – plan ahead!

2. Need More Space

If you need to upgrade your suite for a special occasion then there are a few timeshare solutions available to you! Many timeshare companies will allow you to pay the difference between your timeshare type and the suite you need; however, another less costly timeshare solution is to borrow timeshare points from upcoming years to cover the difference or plan ahead and bank your points.

3. Too Little Time

When you don’t have time to use all your timeshare points in one year – maybe you can only take one week rather than two – you can bank your extra points and use them to have a more luxurious vacation in following years! An easy timeshare solution that works in your favor.

4. Financial Troubles

If you run into issues with money, if you lose your job for example, it can be hard to keep up with your maintenance payments and a quick timeshare solution is necessary. If you fall too far behind you could face legal proceedings which, obviously, would only make matters worse. In order to keep up with your fees and retain your membership you could consider renting your timeshare to family and friends as a way to cover your fees. You might even make a little extra money.

5. Death and Divorce

Another way in which renting can be a timeshare solution is when your are faced with the difficulties caused by divorce or death. If an agreement cannot be reached by the involved parties as to who will be keeping or receiving the membership then you could rent it out and split the profits. Of course you could also sell it. The best timeshare solution if the atmosphere is friendly, is to split the fees and usage with parties using the timeshare on alternating years!

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