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Where to Eat in PV: Oceanfront Views

Do you know much about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? If you’re not, you should learn more. Puerto Vallarta is a top tourist destination in Mexico that receives millions of visitors each year from around the world.

People love visiting Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the beautiful beaches, rich history and culture, and happening nightlife. You can find Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast in Mexico in Banderas Bay, which is the largest in Mexico and the 7th in the world.

This is why there are many ocean views at many places in Puerto Vallarta. In terms of where to stay, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is a top resort in the area.

Part of the award-winning Villa Group Resorts, they have amazing views from their property’s suites and onsite restaurants. If you want to see oceanfront views and enjoy delicious food in town, read below about PV restaurants with oceanfront views.

El Faro Lighthouse Restaurant

For starters, the El Faro Lighthouse Restaurant has amazing oceanfront views. The El Faro Lighthouse Restaurant is located in Marina Vallarta, and the perfect place to enjoy a tasty dinner and drinks.

You will be up above where you will have the best views of the marina and cruise ship terminal. They have an antique elevator if you don’t want to climb the spiraling stairs.

Once you have enjoyed your meal, you can stroll through the marina where you will see plenty of shops, bars, restaurants, and more. On Thursday evenings during peak season, there is a Farmer’s Market that is quite popular and it is the best place to buy all kinds of interesting local goodies.

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Barcelona Tapas Restaurant

Next, Barcelona Tapas Restaurant is another restaurant that has amazing oceanfront views. This has been a local favorite restaurant for decades. The restaurant has been renovated recently and you can find it in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta.

They offer many different tapas, and they serve freshly baked bread and aioli potato salad that are complementary. They also make fresh sangria, and they have an excellent wine selection as well.

From time to time, they provide live music and dancing performances some evenings. You need to make reservations so you will be able to enjoy delicious foods and entertainment along with wonderful city and ocean views.

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Casa Isabel Restaurant

Next, Casa Isabel Restaurant is where to head if you want to dine in a casual restaurant with oceanfront views. Casa Isabel Restaurant is located in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, and it is also a hotel, too.

Casa Isabel has a bar & grill onsite that has amazing oceanfront views along with downtown Puerto Vallarta views. They are open Monday – Saturday from 4 pm-10 pm. They have Happy Hour daily from 4 pm-10 pm, too.

This is the perfect place to relax after a hectic day. The atmosphere is laid back and perfect for enjoying delicious cocktails, appetizers, and dinner with family and friends. The oceanfront views and city views of Puerto Vallarta are just beautiful, and there are fireworks displays at Malecon boardwalk nightly as well.

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Did you enjoy the selections for where to eat in PV with oceanfront views? Now, are you ready to book a vacation to Puerto Vallarta? Check out the Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta if you need a wonderful place to stay.

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