When Should you Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare?

November 14, 2017 at 9:35 am

Have you ever been warned about the Villa Group as a timeshare provider? Have you been told that they are a scam, or that you should be wary of their ethics?

If so, where did you find this information? Were you told by a friend or family member, or did you read it somewhere online? Perhaps you have been talking to a timeshare cancellation scammer? In either case we can certainly understand you being wary; if you want to know more about the Villa Group timeshare, read on!

Avoid the Villa Group Timeshare

Should you avoid the Villa Group timeshare?

First and foremost, we should clear this up; you do not need to avoid the Villa Group because they are not a scam! Villa Group are a reputable and long-lived business with around 30 years of experience in hospitality and tourism. If you would love to spend your vacations in Mexico then the Villa Group would be a good fit for you! If you are attracted to timeshare, even more so!

The Villa Group timeshare explained

When you own a Villa Group timeshare what you actually have is a comprehensive vacation club membership with a long-standing and respected institution. The Villa Group offers points based memberships; this is a far cry from the traditional, fixed-week membership, and indeed offers much more freedom and flexibility to the consumer.

The official name for the Villa Group’s most flexible membership is Villa Preferred Access, and the points purchased can be used in many different ways; they can even be saved or borrowed.

Where can you visit with a Villa Group timeshare membership?

When you have a Villa Group timeshare membership you gain access to many different locations across Mexico including Cabo san Lucas, Cancun, the Islands of Loreto, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. If you take advantage of Interval International’s services, you can also exchange weeks for countries around the world.

Who claims you should avoid the Villa Group timeshare?

If you look online for reviews about the Villa Group timeshare, you will find some claims that you should avoid the Villa Group timeshare amongst a majority of positive reviews. However, if you look carefully at these detrimental reviews, you usually find that the comment is coming from a shill (fake profile pretending to be a real person) working for a timeshare cancellation company seeking to discredit even the most reputable timeshare companies. You should be very wary of sites which claim to offer cancellation services. Ask yourself if the hosts of the site would have anything to gain by hosting or creating mainly negative reviews.

Who claims you should join the Villa Group?

Well, the Villa Group’s sales agents are obviously the first to encourage you that the Villa Group is a top timeshare opportunity. If you check the Villa Group’s official websites, you are sure to find customer reviews and testimonials, likewise sites like Kayak and TripAdvisor will give you an idea of the merits of the company and the specific locations too.

How to avoid a timeshare scam?

There are scams targeted at almost every stage of the timeshare process, and we can help you to side-step and/or mitigate the danger of falling afoul of a scammer.

First and foremost you need to make sure that when you buy a timeshare you buy direct from the timeshare provider in their sales room; if you want to avoid resale scams and fraudulent providers you should deal with your provider directly. Likewise, when selling your own membership never pay a “finders fee” or “introduction fee”.

Timeshare cancellation scams, however, are the easiest scams to spot; if you are no longer within the rescission period, these individuals cannot help you, and if you are then their help is not needed. If you are to avoid a cancellation scam all you need to do is refuse to deal with people who offer such services.

So – what do you think, do you need to avoid the Villa Group?

Best Cancun All Inclusive Resorts: Villa del Palmar Timeshare

March 2, 2017 at 7:51 pm

Your idea of a dream vacation is surely to be staying at one of the top all inclusive Cancun resorts in Mexico. This website provides an overview of the reasons why Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cancun stands as one of the best all inclusive vacation resorts in Mexico. Well-known travel sites such as TripAdvisor consistently show positive reviews for this all inclusive resort, making it rank among the top choices for local and international vacationers.

What constitutes an excellent all inclusive vacation?

One of the factors to consider when judging the best all inclusive vacation resorts is variety on the menu. There should be traditional and innovative choices to make sure that guests have a meaningful dining experience each and every day. Variety comes in the form of having a wide choice on the menu of each restaurant as well as having several restaurant selections included in your all inclusive vacation package. Most importantly, aside from the many alternatives of food to choose from, the top all inclusive vacation resorts set high regard for the quality of food. Guests expect high quality choices including gourmet and a la carte dishes as well as buffet selections.

Why is Villa del Palmar Cancun Among the Top All Inclusive Vacation Resorts?

The basic element that makes Villa del Palmar stand out among other all inclusive vacation resorts is its variety. As an optional all inclusive resort, it boasts of five restaurants where your palate’s preferences will surely find satisfaction. In addition to its room service menu, it has a gourmet snack bar providing guests with immediate gastronomical satisfaction.

Only the freshest and best ingredients are chosen and prepared by talented chefs at Villa del Palmar Cancun’s restaurants. In contrast to the average food service available in many all inclusive resorts where buffet dining is the norm, you will find a much higher quality at this resort which caters to both all inclusive guests as well as room only guests. The standard set by Villa del Palmar is higher than many of all the inclusive resorts in Cancun. It’s not all gourmet, however, as some all inclusive guests love buffet dining. Villa del Palmar Cancun’s Caprichos is the resort’s appetizing buffet restaurant that serves a different selection each night. Different international foods are served in every meal so there is no fear that you will get bored each time you get ready to dine.

All the food and drinks without limit. Another reason why Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cancun belongs to the top all inclusive vacation resorts is the unlimited orders you can make. Accept your food cravings challenge whatever time of the day, you may even order for a feast for your midnight snack with its 24 hour room service. And unlike other upscale all inclusive resorts, only a handful of the food choices carry additional charges, which means you may order as much as your appetite wants.

Enjoy a unique and memorable experience at this all inclusive vacation resort in Cancun. Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cancun comes highly recommended.

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Villa Group Timeshare at the Islands of Loreto

April 12, 2016 at 9:47 am

You may think you’ve seen aquamarine waters before, but the waters found at the Islands of Loreto are unlike any others! They are some of the very few that deserve the description “pristine”. You see the Bay of Loreto has been, until recently, unknown to tourists and thanks to the five islands that float on the horizon, forming an ecological barrier, it is a marine microcosm. Between this and the mountains that ring the Danzante Bay, reaching into the brilliant sky with jagged arms, it can really be hard to believe that this place exists. But it does, and it will be hard to endure the time it takes to get here; you’ll be tugging at the leash to get out and immerse yourself in the beauty all around.

Villa Group Timeshare at the Islands of Loreto

  • Am I really seeing this?
  • Is this place real?

These are things you might think to yourself when you first lay eyes on the Islands of Loreto, and this is why the Villa Group Timeshare chose to base one of its best resorts here. The concept of the Villa Group is very simple; resorts of uncommon beauty and luxury found in the most beautiful places on earth. The Loreto resort is a perfect example of what the Villa Group seeks to achieve. This luxury resort includes 181 Villas, a gorgeous swimming pool area, a full lobby and two restaurants. There is also a third fine dining restaurant called Danzante, an incredible spa and a brand new golf course.

The Villa del Palmar Timeshare at the Islands of Loreto invites your furry friends along, too, because the resort is now entirely pet friendly. We know that your pets mean the world to you and, as such, we see no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy your vacation with you!

As with all Villa Group Timeshare resorts your Villa del Palmar timeshare in Loreto will be a mixture of sophistication, passion for style and top notch service and hospitality as well as views that really should be seen to be believed.

Dining Experiences at Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cabo San Lucas

February 5, 2016 at 9:05 am

One of the key components of a great vacation is having the ability to relax and indulge in some amazing cuisine. When you visit Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico’s Baja California, you will find numerous fine dining choices that are simply delicious and that will make you forget your New Year’s diet resolution. Guests and timeshare members at Villa del Palmar Cabo may enjoy an all-inclusive dining experience any day of the year. In addition, you have the choice to select the European plan so that you can pay as you eat. You might go to each of the restaurants of the resort, or choose a favorite restaurant and have a bit of this and that from the menu each day. But what do people really say about the dining at Villa del Palmar timeshare Cabo San Lucas?

The Taco Bar

Are you hungry but not wanting to change your clothes from your swimwear? Then you are in luck, because you can go to the Taco Bar at Villa del Palmar Cabo to try out some true Mexican favorites. You can have fish, marinated pork, steak or chicken taco that come complete with amazing house salsas. Drink a cold cerveza (beer) or frozen margarita. At the Taco Bar, you are sure to be in awe of the food, drinks, and atmosphere that allows you to view El Arco.

Tortugas Sports Bar

You will find only the best entertainment and fun at the Tortugas Sports Bar in Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cabo San Lucas. It offers a nice casual environment with great tasting food. You also can get an alcoholic drink as you sit and watch a game. The Sports Bar is open every day, between 1 p.m. And 10:30 p.m. It is an ideal place for you to have lunch late, as well as after-dinner drinks.

Bella California

This quaint bistro by the beach offers tasty meals all day long. Visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and select one of the many traditional options which will delight you and make you want some more. Bella California has a beautiful setting that is a mixture of beautiful sunsets and ocean breezes. The great blend of flavors from the kitchen makes it well worth your while to visit this restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cabo.

Ice Cream Corner

If you are looking for dessert instead of dinner, you will be pleased with the Ice Cream Corner. There is a huge assortment of desserts available from which you may choose. This also includes several types of beverages, such as coffee. It is a special treat for families and individuals. The concoctions that they come up with make it worthwhile to stop by the Ice Cream Corner at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas.

Share what your experience of the dining at Villa del Palmar Cabo was like and leave a comment.

The Villa Group Timeshare Reviews

April 23, 2015 at 8:58 am

There are many reputable websites such as TripAdvisor or vacation club forums where you can get information about some of the timeshare providers who operate in Mexico to find timeshare reviews. The Villa Group benefits from many highly positive timeshare reviews on quite a few different forums. These Villa Group timeshare reviews are independently submitted by customers of the Villa Group and deal with all aspects of the company including the accommodations, facilities, beaches, services, and the on-site spas.

Here is a summary of the Villa Group reviews on various aspects at the resorts:

Villa Group Timeshare Accommodations

The accommodations of the Villa Group timeshare resorts are often highlight by reviewers as being some of the best around, and a big highlight of buying a Villa Group timeshare. Each is elegantly designed to be spacious and luxurious with a lovely balcony to catch the views from!

Villa Group Timeshare Resort Facilities

The facilities offered by the Villa Group resorts usually come out on top in customer timeshare reviews, and in many cases come in the top 25 hotels and resorts for the area on TripAdvisor. Though every resort is different and has its own features, you will find that each has its more than one swimming pool, a variety of excellent restaurants, gyms, bars, and even kids clubs!

The Villa Group Timeshare Service

The level of service provided by each of the Villa Group owned and operated resorts is commonly complimented upon by those who stay in them. The warm, generous hospitality offered by the timeshare resorts’ staff is often cited as being exceptional.

Beaches at Villa Group Resorts

The beaches attached to Villa Group resorts are a key part of the Villa Groups appeal; the reviews suggest that these stretches of beach are well-kept, beautiful, and attached to wonderful swimming waters. They are especially good for water sports like kayaking, and SUP.

The Villa Group Timeshare Spas

According to Villa Group timeshare reviews, each of the resorts run by the Villa Group has a world-class spa on site. These are largely considered one of the main attractions at each resort for those considering buying a timeshare. Whether you book a luxurious and relaxing spa treatment, or want to make use of the hydro therapy circuits you’ll find that you can have five star treatments without even leaving your hotel!

If you have experience of Villa Group timeshare and the resorts they offer then please share your thoughts, timeshare reviews and recommendations on this blog!

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