UVCI TimeShare Scams

December 16, 2014 at 10:36 am

UVCI timeshare scams should not be a concern as Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI and UVCIi) is a genuine vacation club service provider operating out of the United States for resorts in Mexico. Although there are no reported UVCI timeshare scams, it is always a good idea to check websites like this one to make sure there is no history of timeshare scams or the like.

UVCI Timeshare Scams Revealed

When you purchase a timeshare at a Villa Group resort in Mexico (Villa del Palmar), Universal Vacation Club International will administer your club membership. This means that you will call members services at UVCI with regards to your maintenance fees and other issues you may have with your membership. As a mutual benefit company, there is no danger of a UVCI timeshare scam; on the contrary, UVCI are there to help you in the event that you are involved in a potential timeshare scam, such as resale scams or fake cancellation scams.

UVCI timeshare scams are therefore very rare, in fact, more correctly put, non-existent. There have been no cases of UVCI timeshare scams. The only danger you may face of a timeshare scam that even remotely references the name UVCI is if you venture into the resale market or seek the services of a timeshare lawyer who claims to be able to cancel your timeshare. Beware both of these circumstances, and make sure you do your research before handing over any money.

What to do if you are involved in a UVCI timeshare scam

In the highly unlikely event that you are involved in what appears to be a UVCI timeshare scam, the first step to take is to contact UVCI directly. That is, do not reply to any telephone numbers or email address that appear in correspondence relating to the scam circumstances – it is likely that it is some kind of phishing scam. Rather, look for an independent source for UVCI’s contact details and inform members services of the details of the scam you think you are victim of. You will probably find that an apparent UVCI timeshare scam has absolutely nothing to do with UVCI and is more likely to be a phishing scam.

Villa del Palmar Class Action Suits Warning

June 19, 2014 at 9:39 pm

Many reputable timeshare companies, including The Villa group (developers and operators of Villa del Palmar resorts) have issued warnings about bogus class action suits that a target long term and new timeshare owners.


What is a class action suit?

A class action suit is a joint case against a company or an individual whereby victims of scams or other fraudulent activity can essential club together and put a case forward. The advantages of a class action suit is that you share the cost of legal fees etc between all parties.


So why the warning about Villa del Palmar Class action suits?

The problem with Villa del Palmar class action suits is that Villa del Palmar is a genuine company and therefore it is very unlikely that you have been involved in a scam whereby you would win your case and receive a refund for your timeshare. Unscrupulous class action suit lawyers attract owners by claiming that you can get your money back when the reality is that you will simply be paying their fees for a case that is not going to win. Because it is a joint claim, the amount of money involved per individual claimant is not such a great deal, but together, the lawyers stand to make a great profit when they know there is very little chance of you winning.


When is a class action suit a good idea?

Class action suits are recommended if you and others have been involved in a widespread timeshare fraud, such as cases where you are sold a unit on a resort that does not exist or which is never completed. The best solution is to find other claimants yourself and then find a good timeshare lawyer.


What to do if you think you have been involved in a Villa del Palmar Scam

In the rare case that you feel you have grounds to claim that you have been subject to a Villa del Palmar scam, you should contact the company immediately or their operator Universal Vacation Club to report the scam.

The Villagroup Timeshare

June 13, 2014 at 8:24 pm


A leader in Mexican resort and timeshare development, The Villagroup timeshare is a Mexico based company whose brands include Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, Villa La Estancia and other hospitality related subsidiaries. Although to date, The Villagroup is mainly focused on developments within Mexico, it maintains links with international hospitality services and has plans for further expansion outside Mexico.

The Villagroup’s most notable assets include the highly successful Villa del Palmar resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Loreto, which offer hotel services as well as the option to purchase timeshare, full and fractional ownership. These resorts have received great acclaim thanks to the skillful combination of excellent quality and elegance with affordable prices.

A clear contribution to The Villagroup’s success during its three decades of operation, is its unrivaled reputation for quality. Having taken care to ensure that members and hotel guests receive the very best services and great value for money, it comes as no surprise that The Villagroup has stood the test of the recent economic crisis to hit the world. Indeed, thanks to its commitment to value and quality, it’s business has thrived where others have struggled over the past few years.


The destinations where The Villagroup develops its resorts are carefully chosen for their investment potential for members. Locations are selected on their combination of great beaches, beautiful surroundings, easy accessibility (international airports), a range of activities on land and sea, great dining and a thriving local community.

The Villagroup offers a range of products. Its resorts attract both hotel guests and timeshare owners, and in many resorts there is the potential for full and fractional ownership of luxury penthouses and suites. One of The Villagroup’s most recent and convenient initiatives is Villa Preferred Access, which is a points based timeshare membership that provides greater flexibility to owners so they can use their membership more effectively and in a more personalized manner. The Villagroup timeshare owners can also use the services to UVCI (Universal Vacation Club International) and Interval International to exchange The Villagroup timeshare units for other destinations.

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