The Effect of the Timeshare Industry on a Community

February 23, 2018 at 10:38 am

For most communities that are dependent on tourism, the timeshare industry brings significant benefits. Some people may consider timeshare as a scam, while others love it. Others may be indifferent about timeshare. With such varied reactions are natural, one cannot deny the positive impact the timeshare industry has on the local community where the timeshare operates.

timeshare industry

The effect of the timeshare industry on a community

The following benefits may surprise you as these go beyond those offered by traditional tourism forms like hotels and others. Here are some of the positive effects that timeshare offers on a community.

  1. Stable jobs: From sales staff to construction workers, timeshare generates several jobs for the community. The jobs are at various levels like executives, service staff, architects, and more.
  2. Repeat Tourism: Timeshare encourages repeat tourism in the community which results in a more stable economy. With this scenario, business providers and investors can easily predict the needs of the community in terms of services and infrastructure.
  3. Promotion of the Destination: The destination’s profile will increase amongst all kinds of visitors including those who are still curious about the timeshare industry. The positive feedback and promotions to friends and families raise other people’s awareness. Only when people feel that they belong can they have this kind of support.
  4. Tax Generation: Tax generation that extends to VAT as well as income tax on earnings is another great benefit that the timeshare offers to a destination. Those working in the industry and especially those who come into the place spend their money in the local economy. More taxes are generated and these are plowed back into the local economy. As a result, services and infrastructure improve.
  5. Extension of the Period of Stay: Timeshare owners usually chose to stay for longer periods of time in their chosen destinations.
  6. Higher Purchasing Power: Timeshare destination benefits from visitors with higher purchasing power. They spend more on local services, restaurants, and other items. The certain level of income that owners have is one of the requirements when they desire to become timeshare owners.
  7. No Competition Against Traditional Hotels: Hotels usually cater to visitors who do not necessarily visit more than once or twice. This means that people who return to a destination to stay at their timeshare are not the same individuals that hotels target. The two industries complement one another and not compete against each other.
  8. Local Community Involvement: Timeshares are not always all-inclusive. There are some who would choose an all-inclusive option but most visitors would rather spend money in local stores and dining places.
  9. Constant Occupancy: Timeshare helps provide a consistent level of occupancy, supporting other branches of the tourism industry like car rentals, restaurants, travel agencies, and other local trade.

There is no denying that timeshare provides a positive impact on its community.


Adeprotur and Timeshare

January 16, 2018 at 11:34 am

Adeprotur promotes the integral development and sustainable growth of the timeshare industry in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta through a strict ethical code and high standards of commercialization. It advises the providers of timeshares as they develop and helps with the commercialization of their product by informing them of, and guiding them through, the programs and plan which have been put in place to regularize and demystify the industry as a whole. The 2015 – 2017 board is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four Chairpersons.


Adeprotur and transparency

By encouraging ethics and professionalism in the industry through transparency of process from advertising to the point of sale Adeprotur makes the vacation club and timeshare industries less intimidating to the uninitiated. Adeprotur seeks to do all of this by defining a voluntary code of conduct which stipulates integrity and sustainability in all growth within the sector. The end aim is to promote a culture of innovation and ethical growth which will benefit the region at large.


Adeprotur was created in 1986 by five founders which shared the vision of regulating, standardizing, and creating transparency within the timeshare and vacation club industries within Banderas Bay. Currently it has no less that 24 associates, and enjoys contracts and agreements with the federal government and private companies. Of course, their short term objective is to support the many vacation clubs in the region through their affiliates thereby standardizing a certain level of service.

Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

This is so very important because of the value that timeshares bring to the area, but also because of the damage done to the industry’s reputation in its early days. Systematic procedures were developed by the association in the 1980’s to enable the commercialization of any property (at the time 180 or so properties, but today there are over 500 timeshare developments in the country).

The value in this industry lies not just in the continual investments into infrastructure that they generate, but in the repeat nature of the tourism they bring in. This is invaluable to the economy of many tourist towns.

List of Top Timeshare Companies

August 28, 2014 at 9:15 am

Providing a list of top timeshare companies in Mexico is not as easy as you might think. There are many good timeshare companies, but not necessarily those worth endorsing or recommending. Below you will find a short list of top timeshare companies, taking into consideration that there are many good timeshare companies not included on this list.

Villa Group Resorts

One of the top timeshare companies in Mexico is the Villa Group Resorts. The Villa Group timeshare division is among the most reputable in Mexico offering affordable timeshare products as well as great opportunities for upgrading. The resorts offered by the Villa Group in Mexico for timeshare reservations are found in the best destinations in Mexico, namely Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Once you purchase a timeshare with the Villa Group, accommodations in any of these destinations become available to you. With over 30 years selling and marketing timeshare, the Villa Group Resorts is one of timeshare’s most trustworthy companies.

Tafer Hotel & Resorts

The directors and executives at Tafer Hotels & Resorts are leaders in the timeshare industry, having spent decades perfect timeshare products and developing luxury resorts in Mexico’s best beach destinations. The Tafer brand covers all kinds of tourist related products from hotels, leisure experiences, travel agencies and resort design and development. There is no doubt that Tafer Hotels & Resorts deserves to be on any list of top timeshare companies in Mexico.

Universal Vacation Club International

Universal Vacation Club International, otherwise known as UVCI, is a reputable mutual benefit company that supports timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar resorts in Mexico. UVCI administers club maintenance fees and deals with communication between the club and the timeshare members. With nearly 30 years in operation, there is no doubt about the authenticity of this timeshare company.


RCI - Top Timeshare Companies

RCI is one of the world’s leading vacation exchange agents. When you purchase a timeshare at a particular resort and wish to exchange your timeshare for another destination, you can do so with the services of RCI. RCI has thousands of exchange options for you to choose from in locations all over the world.

Interval International

Interval International is another great exchange network, and worthy of its place in any list of top timeshare companies. You can exchange your timeshare with this company for all kinds of incredible locations around the world. With decades in the business, it is no surprise that it has a sound reputation for quality.


ResortCom - Top Timeshare Companies

Celebrating its 27th year in business, ResortCom is a diverse company servicing and supporting various industries. Its role within the timeshare and hospitality industry is very important and deserves its place on this list of top timeshare companies. ResortCom provides services such as timeshare resort management, rental programs and reservations.

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