Pirate Ship Show Cancun

Pirate Ship Show Cancun

Taking a vacation in the Caribbean is a wonderful choice, and Cancun offers the best of what the Caribbean has to offer in addition to all the wonders and cultural delights of mainland Mexico. A pirate cruise is just one of the adventures available for you in Cancun. The best pirate ship show Cancun would have to be the Jolly Roger pirate ship that sets sail from Playa Linda Pier in the hotel zone.

The Jolly Roger pirate ship show Cancun is a combination of entertainment, a party atmosphere and dinner. That is, your ticket includes the show aboard the pirate ship, all you can drink as well as a three course meal. When you book your Jolly Roger pirate ship show, you will need to stipulate what meal you will choose. There are vegetarian and kids meal options too. The food on board is freshly prepared and reviews on TripAdvisor indicate that it is of great quality. It is served in the mess of the ship, below deck, giving you an impression of what it was like in the 16th century during the Golden Age of pirates in the Caribbean.

The entertainment starts as soon as you step foot on the pier to await your orders from the captain. Pirates are already starting to prepare the ship for your pirate cruise and you will have some interaction with the actors before you even step foot on the pirate ship. It is clear when the action begins because the pirates will begin to give you your orders and escort you onto the ship.

Pirate Ship Show Cancun

Each row of pirate apprentices (that would be you) are allocated their very own pirate waiter who will make it his or her mission to keep your glass as full as you wish it to be throughout the pirate ship show Cancun. Don’t forget to give this pirate a good tip at the end of the night or you might find yourself walking the plank!

Once the show commences, you will meet the Captain and the theater begins with music dancing and tales of intrigue and deception. There is a clear plot line that flows through the show, which is completely bilingual (you will be stunned at how efficiently the actors switch between Spanish and English). In amongst the plot of betrayal there are various activities where the audience is invited to participate. There is even a part in the show where more adult humor is evident and the little pirates are take for a treasure hunt.

So, for a top activity in the Riviera Maya, why not try an adventure on the Jolly Roger pirate ship show Cancun.

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