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All-Inclusive Timeshare

June 25, 2014 at 4:44 pm


For many people, all-inclusive plans and timeshare do not go hand in hand, considering that vacation ownership is often geared towards those who are interested in second home ownership. However, more and more people are enjoying all inclusive timeshare plans and it is becoming the latest trend.


Where can you find All-Inclusive Timeshare?

It is worth noting that not all timeshare resorts are all inclusive, indeed many of the old style timeshare condos do not offer all inclusive timeshare at all. You will only find all-inclusive plans and timeshare together when you buy a timeshare at a resort or hotel complex with a range of restaurants and room service. Traditional timeshare condos will not have the facilities to offer all-inclusive timeshare. The big names in timeshare usually offer all-inclusive timeshare, although you should ask when you purchase your timeshare membership.


How does All-Inclusive Timeshare Work?

There are two main types of timeshare all-inclusive plans, compulsory all-inclusive and a hybrid all-inclusive. The compulsory all-inclusive timeshare plans are not very common, and it means that your membership and maintenance fees include an all inclusive package, with no choice to opt out. This will be the case at 100% all inclusive resorts.


A hybrid or optional timeshare all-inclusive is far more common, especially in timeshare resorts where suites with kitchen facilities are a much sought after privilege. This kind of timeshare all-inclusive program allows you to buy a certain number of days on an all-inclusive plan, usually a minimum of two or three consecutive days where you can opt in and out of an all-inclusive plan. This is great for timeshare owners who are not sure how they would like to spend their time during their vacation.

Timeshare & Interval International

June 25, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Interval International is a global exchange company that facilitates timeshare exchanges. It is one of the world’s leading vacation exchange networks and deals with some of the best known timeshare operators throughout the world. It boasts more than 4 decades serving timeshare owners, matching clients with their dream destinations with like for like exchanges.

interval international

Interval International offers an inventory of more than 2,800 resorts in over 75 countries worldwide and has almost 2 million members, making it the world’s second largest time share exchange provider. The renowned exchange network offers exchanges with some of the best timeshare resorts, including Villa Group resorts.

Interval International provides an assortment of leisure and travel products, meaning that you can exchange tradition timeshare weeks, vacation club points as well as fractional ownership. There is even chance to exchange hotel rooms for cruise vacations and yacht charters. Non-timeshare owners can join as direct members paying for points which can be used in any of the featured resorts. You can also join as short-term members.

Members Services at Interval International

When you become a member or one of its affiliated timeshare resorts, you can exchange your timeshare weeks or points with any other Interval International collaborator. You enjoy great flexibility, taking advantage of nearly 3000 different resort options. You can book further vacation accommodation in addition to your timeshare allocations and receive discounts on vacations. Interval can also help you with car rentals, plane tickets and other travel agent services.

Tripadvisor Award for Villa del Palmar Flamingos

June 24, 2014 at 10:23 pm

Tripadvisor Award for Villa del Palmar Flamingos

Customer reviews on Tripadvisor place Villa del Palmar Flamingos in the top 25 family resorts in Mexico for 2014.


The Tripadvisor Award for Villa del Palmar Flamingos comes as part of a customer review campaign by Tripadvisor whereby hundreds of customer reviews were calculated to award the top hotels with recognitions. Villa del Palmar Flamingos was awarded with a recognition for being a top family hotel according to customer reviews.


The customer reviews of Villa del Palmar Flamingos collected by Tripadvisor mentioned the family activities available at the resort and spa as well as excellent service and attention to detail.


Villa del Palmar Flamingos is a five star resort located in Nuevo Vallarta which forms part of Riviera Nayarit and Banderas Bay. Close to the famous beach destination Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Flamingos enjoys the wonderful tranquility of the beach in Nuevo Vallarta with all the color and nightlife available in Puerto Vallarta.


The favorable customer reviews of Villa del Palmar Flamingos will surely be welcomed with pride by all its staff at the hotel.

Best Mexico Destinations

June 24, 2014 at 9:58 pm

villa del palmar-timeshare

Some countries are just spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing locations for first class vacations. Mexico is certainly one of the countries in the world most favored by nature. There are many wonderful destinations where you can enjoy a vacation in Mexico, a country specializing in beach vacations and sunny getaways. Among the best Mexico destinations are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta (and Nuevo Vallarta), Loreto and Cancun.


Baja Californian Delights

Cabo San Lucas and Loreto are two of the most distinctive beach destination on Mexico’s Baja Californian coast. Cabo San Lucas is positioned at the very tip of the peninsular surrounded by desert landscapes, cactus and stunning sandy beaches. Its infrastructure of world class hotels, amazing golf courses, clean beaches, gourmet dining and colorful nightlife, make it a top choice for a beach vacation.


Loreto on the Sea of Cortez is a refined beach resort town steeped in colonial history and quaint charm. The destination offers ecological tourism and activities that bring nature and man together in harmony. This is a great place for diving and snorkeling while the peace and quiet makes relaxing unavoidable.


Pacific Dreaming

On the Pacific Coast, Banderas Bay is poised to receive visitors from all over the world offering the very best that Mexico tourism has. Banderas Bay is home to Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta (Riviera Nayarit) and is a multifaceted location with something for everyone. The mountainous surroundings and the luminous ocean make it a unique destination and one that morphs into an ever more sophisticated location as each season passes. Fine dining, art galleries and chic living abound in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta.


Caribbean Paradise

When it comes to the idealized version of a beach location, thoughts of the white sands of the Caribbean and the turquoise ocean frequently spring to mind. Cancun is such a destination with an incredible stretch of white sandy beach and string of superb hotels and resorts offering all kinds of packages, from All inclusive, European plan to golf getaways. All this together with a cultural history that stretches back to ancient times when the Mayan empire dominated the region, whose remains are peppered around the whole area in the form of archeological sites. There really is no end to the wonders that Cancun has to offer.

Cancun Weather in the Caribbean

June 24, 2014 at 7:31 pm


The weather in the Caribbean plays a very important role in choosing a place for a vacation, and in many beach destinations the climate may vary greatly depending on which time of year you plan your vacation. Thankfully you can enjoy Caribbean weather at its best in Cancun any season of the year, although the hurricane season can bring heavier rain.

Cancun’s amazing beaches are a favorite for many people arriving to Mexico from Canada, USA and Europe looking for great weather and a relaxing Caribbean environment. Cancun weather in the Caribbean boasts favorable meteorological patterns, and Cancun is considered to be one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for its weather. Cancun weather enjoys a high number of sunny days per year in the Caribbean, which accounts for approximately 250 out of 365 days.

Cancun is one place in the Caribbean where you can plan your vacation without having to worry too much about rainy weather marring your vacation holidays. Occasional rainy spells won’t last long either and you can still make the most of the beaches sunbathing or engaging in all sorts of beach activities, even on those days predicted to rain.

Being a coastal region, there is very little temperature variation all-round the year in Cancun. For more pleasant Cancun weather, try visiting Cancun in winter when temperatures are usually between 81 degrees to 66 degrees. Temperatures drop a little at night but in general weather is hot and balmy, with a cool breeze during the evenings making it great for activities on the beach.

Older visitors will also enjoy Cancun weather in the Caribbean as temperatures are not too extreme. In summer it is usually between 90 degrees and 75 degrees. Such weather is typical in the Caribbean. You can thus plan your vacation to suit your preferences, opting to spend time at the beach for a winter break in the Caribbean enjoying warm yet pleasant weather, or visiting during the summer.

In conclusion, Cancun weather in the Caribbean is ideal for beach vacations, just keep an eye on the news for hurricanes in the Caribbean to come prepared to dance on the beach in the hot rain!

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