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Mexico Travel Update! Madrid to Cabo Flights Now Available

Many North Americans have stated that Cabo is their favorite vacation destination. Located on the Baja California Sur peninsula, Americans and Canadians love to vacation in the area so that they can have a relaxing and peaceful vacation. The area is well-known for its stunning desert views, perfect weather, and amazing views of the Sea of Cortez. In Cabo, everyone will find something to do and enjoy. For example, you can enjoy going paddleboarding, kitesurfing, hiking, biking, or other Baja activities throughout the entire year. Cabo is also known for its fantastic restaurant options, diverse shopping options, and more. In 2022 in the summer, new direct flights with Iberojet Airlines from Madrid to Cabo will be available. That way, Europeans can take a flight to enjoy a vacation in Cabo with ease. Read below to learn more information about Madrid to Cabo flights.

Madrid to Cabo Flight Now Available

Since 2013, Iberojet Airlines, which is a Spanish based charter airline, has been providing long and short flights from Spain and Portugal. Iberojet is owned by the Barcelo Group which purchased Iberojet after the Orizonia Corporation collapsed. Currently, Iberojet has their headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and soon they will be offering an additional flight from Madrid to Cabo flight. This will make traveling to Mexico easier for people coming from Europe. The flight will take off from Madrid, Spain at 2:00pm, which will make it easier for Europeans to connect. For instance, air flights from France, Italy, and Spain destinations can connect with a flight in Madrid to Los Cabos directly. The flight will arrive at 7:00pm in Mexico City and is a twelve hour flight.

Booking Your Air Flight

Are you living in Europe and you want to visit Mexico? If you are, then this will be great news for you. In June of 2022, the new Madrid to Cabo flight will become available. However, you are able to book your flight right now. To book your air flight, go to their official website at, and you will see the flight schedules and prices. The Madrid to Cabo flight will be using a new Airbus 350-900. It will have so many new comforts for passengers. The flight can seat 432 passengers comfortably. Tourism companies are estimating that more than eight thousand visitors from Europe will be vacationing in Mexico via the new Madrid to Cabo flight.

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Check out Villa del Palmar Cabo or Villa La Valencia if you need a wonderful place to stay on your Baja vacation. These resorts are owned by the award-winning Villa Group Resorts that have been in the industry nearly forty years. They have beachfront suites, top amenities and services too. Plus, they also have a quality timeshare ownership program for travelers that want to regularly vacation in paradise. In addition, COVID sanitation measures have been added at Villa Group Resorts to make sure that resort guests, vacation club members, and staff are safe. If you are ready to vacation in Cabo, then contact them today as they have all-inclusive vacation packages on sale. If you are in Europe and want to visit Mexico in the summer of 2022, then you can book your flight with Iberojet Airlines. Don’t wait around as they book up quickly.