The pros and cons of timeshare

Can someone explain the pros and cons of timeshare?

The pros and cons of timeshare are a subjective topic, not in a philosophical sense but in that what is a pro for one timeshares owner can be seen as a con for another owner and vice versa. When timeshare is right for you and what you want from your vacations, it will be a great decision, yet if you like to backpack and find the hidden gems off the beaten track, then timeshare is not necessarily for you and even the pros of timeshare will appear to be cons.

For most modern people who like to take regular vacations in quality establishments, timeshare purchases are a great option. The key to getting the most from your timeshare is to use it or exchange it for other destinations. While a pro of timeshare is that you can always rent it, should you not be able to use it one year, or lend it to friends, it is worth remembering that timeshare is not going to make you rich as a property owner or rental agent! The greatest con in timeshare is if you don’t use your timeshare or lend it to friends and family.villa-del-palmar-flamingos

The pros and cons of timeshare:

One of the most obvious advantages of timeshare is the financial savings you can make on great spacious accommodations. You pay for your future accommodates at today’s prices and therefore reap the benefits the more you use your unit. As inflation rises, you will enjoy your timeshare more and more, knowing that each year you are saving money on your vacation accommodations.

Another pro of the modern timeshare model is that you can exchange your timeshare for other destinations and do not need to be static in one resort or destination. You can either swap your timeshare amongst the locations administered by the timeshare company where you bought your timeshare or join a vacation club for worldwide locations.

It is actually quite hard to see the cons of timeshare unless you simply do not want to get involved with vacation ownership. For most people, buying a timeshare is the only affordable way of being able to purchase a vacation home and it makes more sense to pay for the time you are going to stay there each year than have to maintain a property full time when you are not likely to be able to rent it for the whole time you are not there.

In all cases, the old proverb is very true “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” so before you judge check out the pros and cons of timeshare and look at what you want out of your vacations; you never know, it might suit you more than you think.

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