The Villa Group’s Villa La Estancia Residences

January 15, 2015 at 9:09 am

The Villa Group has been one of the most well known and respected vacation home providers in Mexico for over thirty years and Villa La Estancia Residences is their top-line brand for full and fractional ownership as well as hotel services. Villa La Estancia provides both real estate opportunities and hotel suites for those who wish to vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Baja California and Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit.

Villa La Estancia’s High Quality

Villa La Estancia is a brand renowned for top quality and five star services. Perfect for guests who are accustomed to luxury and those who are looking for an incredible real estate property by the sea. Villa La Estancia residences are all produced to the highest possible standard of design and décor. They are all situated on the grounds of a five star resort and afford the owner full access to the hotel facilities at Villa La Estancia. This includes the pools, on site restaurants, bars, secure beaches and a fabulous spa. In your Villa La Estancia residence you’ll feel completely at home and yet still be treated like one of the hotel’s most treasured guests!

The Villa Group’s Villa La Estancia Residences

All Villa La Estancia resorts and residences are within easy travelling distance of airports and transport links so that you’ll never feel isolated or cut-off. The key goal of the Villa La Estancia Residences is to make you feel at home on vacation and, if you decide to stay and not ever return home, you could live there permanently too. Why not give your life that eternal luxury vacation feel at affordable prices.

Advantages of Villa Group’s Villa La Estancia Residences

One of the key advantages of Villa La Estancia Residences for visitors who wish to invest in a second property abroad is the opportunity for fractional ownership with the option for full ownership in the future. You can begin with fractional ownership and later use your equity towards full ownership whenever you wish.

UVCI TimeShare Scams

December 16, 2014 at 10:36 am

UVCI timeshare scams should not be a concern as Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI and UVCIi) is a genuine vacation club service provider operating out of the United States for resorts in Mexico. Although there are no reported UVCI timeshare scams, it is always a good idea to check websites like this one to make sure there is no history of timeshare scams or the like.

UVCI Timeshare Scams Revealed

When you purchase a timeshare at a Villa Group resort in Mexico (Villa del Palmar), Universal Vacation Club International will administer your club membership. This means that you will call members services at UVCI with regards to your maintenance fees and other issues you may have with your membership. As a mutual benefit company, there is no danger of a UVCI timeshare scam; on the contrary, UVCI are there to help you in the event that you are involved in a potential timeshare scam, such as resale scams or fake cancellation scams.

UVCI timeshare scams are therefore very rare, in fact, more correctly put, non-existent. There have been no cases of UVCI timeshare scams. The only danger you may face of a timeshare scam that even remotely references the name UVCI is if you venture into the resale market or seek the services of a timeshare lawyer who claims to be able to cancel your timeshare. Beware both of these circumstances, and make sure you do your research before handing over any money.

What to do if you are involved in a UVCI timeshare scam

In the highly unlikely event that you are involved in what appears to be a UVCI timeshare scam, the first step to take is to contact UVCI directly. That is, do not reply to any telephone numbers or email address that appear in correspondence relating to the scam circumstances – it is likely that it is some kind of phishing scam. Rather, look for an independent source for UVCI’s contact details and inform members services of the details of the scam you think you are victim of. You will probably find that an apparent UVCI timeshare scam has absolutely nothing to do with UVCI and is more likely to be a phishing scam.

Top 5 Reasons for Joining a Vacation Club in Mexico

November 11, 2014 at 8:04 am

A Vacation club in Mexico is great for those who want the benefits of a timeshare without actually having to buy one; members either put their timeshare in for points or, otherwise, buy points amounting to the same as a timeshare unit for use. This system allows freedom and flexibility to members who can vacation where they want, when they want! The most obvious benefits of joining a vacation club in Mexico are as follows;

1. Ease – When you join a vacation club in Mexico it’s just so easy to take a vacation because the club takes all the work out of the planning process. A good vacation club can really minimize the stress, especially for big families that might find it difficult to get rooms in the same hotel. A timeshare property is more likely to be able to accommodate large families in comfort and, as a member, you can book online or by phone safe, in the knowledge that you’ll be getting the best!

2. Quality – Vacation clubs only deal with the very best companies and properties in order to protect their reputation! They know that when they provide the best services and accommodations their customers come back again and again; each unit is classified to ensure that members get an appropriate trade, if swapping, or good value when buying points. The units will have all of the modern comforts and any common areas will be clean, tidy and beautifully presented.

3. Good locations – Timeshare companies and vacation clubs often have access to the best areas and resorts in a country or area so you can be almost certain that your resort will be one of the best in the area. A huge amount of research goes into choosing a location for a new resort!

4. Flexibility – One of the biggest advantages to joining a vacation club in Mexico or buying a timeshare is the flexibility and freedom on offer! Whether or not you have a timeshare you can visit different locations and resorts with confidence in the quality on offer. Their points system also allows you to choose the dates and lengths of vacation stays that suit you and your family! You can even borrow or bank these points to take a longer, more luxurious vacation or ensure you don’t lose unused point, respectively. The real benefit of joining a vacation club in Mexico is that everything can be tailored to suit you!

5. Value – Large families might often face the issue of finding enough rooms in a hotel or getting suites large enough to ensure their comfort. Vacation clubs solve this problem easily, however; the generously sized accommodations usually include fully equipped kitchens, dining areas, lounges and even laundry facilities, at times! These arrangements could save a large family a lot of money quite easily. Along with this there is the fact that vacation clubs will often offer deals or discounts to members which even include concessions in local restaurants, stores and services!

Villa del Arco Timeshare And Your Vacations

October 29, 2014 at 8:35 am

When you vacation at your Villa del Arco timeshare you can be sure that you’re going to have fun in elegant surroundings. Your home away from home in Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Arco timeshare is certainly among the most stunning timeshare resorts that The Villagroup operates. The beautiful and elegant accommodations on offer to timeshare owners and hotel guests are undoubtedly the best in Cabo San Lucas!

Nevertheless, Villa del Arco timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, is but one of the many locations available to Villagroup timeshare members; as the owner of a Villa del Arco timeshare you have the privilege of staying in any of the other timeshare resorts operated by The Villa Group Timeshare in Mexico. This includes fabulous resorts in Cancun, the Islands of Loreto and Puerto Vallarta.

Enjoy your Villa del Arco Timeshare to the full

Villa del Arco Timeshare And Your Vacations

The best way to ensure that you have fun when using your Villa del Arco timeshare is to take advantage of all that the resort has to offer! The gorgeous Desert Spa and beauty salon shared by both Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco is a must for you to experience while on vacation. The custom-designed, three floor building is located on site between the two resorts. If that’s not enough to make your timeshare investment the best on the market, then there are also a number of pools and gourmet restaurants to enjoy, including a restaurant in the shape of a pirate ship which is moored in the main pool!

The location of the Villa del Arco timeshare resort is a key selling point; Villa del Arco is just a pleasant fifteen minute stroll down the beach from Downtown Cabo. You can also choose from a number of amazing activities; you can take whale watching trips, try swimming with dolphins, enjoy off-track tours and even indulge in ride a camel along the beach or visit some local villages. After all that excitement, your Villa del Arco timeshare will be waiting for you with all its modern conveniences, comfort and elegance.

Designed with luxury and opulence in mind, Villa del Arco timeshare resort is the best option for luxury travelers looking for a place to call their own.

Villa del Palmar Cabo – Hurricane Odile Update

October 20, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Over a month following Hurricane Odile’s unfortunate visit to Cabo San Lucas, the top Mexican destination looks as though the hurricane never even made landfall. Besides the fact that Cabo San Lucas was not as affected as other parts of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas’s recovery was rapid and efficiently carried out.

How was Villa del Palmar Cabo Affected by Hurricane Odile?

Villa del Palmar Cabo was one of the resorts that was most resistant to Hurricane Odile’s lashings. The sturdy structure and architecture of the resort meant that within days the hotel was fully operational and was able to have one of its restaurants up and running within hours after the Category 3 hurricane had passed. Thanks to a generator on site, guests who were not able to make it home before Hurricane Odile struck were comfortably accommodated despite loss of power in the Cabo San Lucas area.

Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas

Villa del Palmar Cabo Update

Guests who had vacations booked at Villa del Palmar Cabo were able to stay at the resort as soon as the airport was reopened on September 26, just 11 days after Hurricane Odile made landfall. Reports from the resort were positive and showed that very little damage was experienced by Villa del Palmar Cabo, with most of the effects of the hurricane solved by an effective clean up mission.

Today at Villa del Palmar Cabo, you would never imagine that a hurricane had passed its way. You can expect the same high standard of vacation as you would have expected before Hurricane Odile. The airport is also fully up and running, with no structural damage incurred during the hurricane.

Business as usual in Cabo San Lucas!

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