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Discover El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

September 19, 2016 at 8:52 pm

At Cabo San Lucas Bay in Los Cabos there is a two mile long stretch of golden sand and stunning vistas which culminates outside the trio of Villa Group Resorts. This is Medano Beach, and it is the most popular beach in all of Los Cabos. El Médano is a fun-filled, sun-soaked haven which has been welcoming travellers for all kinds of activities for decades now.

Playa El Médano in Los Cabos

Playa El Médano is, without a doubt, the best place to have a great time with all the iconic beach activities that you and your family love to get involved in. Better still you can do all this in a safe monitored environment so there is no need to worry about the kids. So kick back and relax within view of the El Arco rock and Land’s End landmarks.

Bars, Views and Restaurants in Los Cabos

There’s so much more to El Médano beach than amazing views, however; the many bars and restaurants that dot the beachside make for great refreshment points. Pop in and out of the sunshine for a few margaritas and a bite to eat when the fancy takes you. Alternatively you can get a seat within sight of the waves and enjoy an all day party at some of Los Cabos’ most iconic hotspots.

Close to Shopping

Medano Beach is also well-placed for those who’d like to break up the beach days with some shopping and sightseeing as it’s adjacent to the downtown area. In the downtown area you can find some of the most wonderful stores and boutiques

Water sports and beach fun

Since Medano Beach is one of the safest places to swim in all of Los Cabos it should come as no surprise that this is the epicentre of all things water related in Cabo San Lucas. You can spend the days soaking in the shallow, crystalline waters, paddle around the bay on a rented SUP board, swim in the warm waves or gather some friends and brave a banana boat ride. Why not hire some kayaks and enjoy the waves?

Whatever you do, just be sure to make the most of your time on the iconic Medano Beach!

Mexico – Banderas Bay’s Turtle Season

September 7, 2016 at 6:20 pm

Banderas Bay’s summer months is the time that a variety of sea turtles return to their birthplace. The beaches of Banderas Bay have hundreds of the sea turtles during July through December. It is important for the sea turtles to return to their birthplace to continue their existence. Due to their survival, protective programs were developed throughout the city to protect the sea turtles. The protective programs allows residents and vacationers to get a chance and experience Mother Nature at her finest, and protecting these precious sea turtles.

Saving Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

The citizens of Banderas Bay have done all they can for the last three decades to save the Olive Ridley sea turtles. Restaurants, hotels, tour agencies, and residents have created protective programs to save the sea turtles. There are many reasons why the sea turtles have a hard time surviving. Coastal development, pollution, and just natural predators have decreased the sea turtles lives, not just on Banderas Bay but in many coastal areas. The protective camps are located throughout the city, and they aim to protect the endangered sea turtle species.

Nesting on Banderas Bay’s Beaches

When you come to Banderas Bay during this precious sea turtle season, then don’t be shocked when you see sea turtles on the beaches and resorts throughout the city. While the sea turtles are here they have a goal, and that is to dig their nests, then lay their eggs. The sea turtles spend hours digging their nests, and when they have it just right the sea turtles will lay their eggs. Once they have laid their eggs, then the sea turtles head out to the ocean. The eggs stay in the sand until they hatch, then these baby sea turtles have a hard survival rate. Only one of every 1,000 sea turtle will actually survive. This is why it is essential to help the baby sea turtle species.

Turtle Season Protection Program

Travelers who adore turtles come to Banderas Bay from July-December and take part of the foster program. This will allow the turtle lovers to care, then release their baby sea turtles. Adults and children should take part in this foster program for the sea turtles, because it is an amazing experience that will educate and experience in one’s life. There is something special about holding a baby sea turtle, then watching it head out to the ocean to begin their life.

Interval International Timeshare

August 22, 2016 at 5:02 pm

The travel and tourism industry is a market which is ever growing, and which offers more and more options for people to organize fun and effortless vacations in an economical way. One such provider in this market is Interval International timeshare; this is a company which will help you to reduce stress by streamlining the process.

Interval International Timeshare Exchange

Interval International Timeshare Exchange has just under 2 million members worldwide and is now the second largest club of its kind in the world. Interval International timeshare exchange offers a range of products from direct timeshare exchanges, points swapping, non-owner rentals and private residence services.

For about 40 years, Interval International timeshare exchange has been active in 75 countries and has been collaborating with 2, 800 resorts. There are a number of reasons as to why Interval International presents an attractive option for Timeshare owners. Firstly, they only work with the most reputable Timeshare providers and so act as a kind of guarantee for those browsing their options. Secondly, Interval International allows you to swap your Timeshare weeks for flexible points or similar time and accommodations elsewhere in the world.

Owners of Timeshare

You don’t have to own a Timeshare to join Interval International, however; you can simply buy points directly. The points system gives you ultimate flexibility over your vacations by letting you decide whether the amount of time, the quality of the unit or the destination is the most important factor to you. You can even save points and carry them from one year to the next in order to afford a really extravagant vacation. You can even use your points to enjoy cruises!

Not a member?

If you’re not a member and haven’t bought points then you can still rent timeshares that are owned and offered up by members at Interval International timeshare exchange. This is a very popular thing to do, as such short term memberships are a great way to try out the perks without tying yourself into any commitments. It’s no surprise that such short term stays often lead to full memberships. You also have the option to keep all your points and just buy an extra vacation.

Finally, when you become a member of Interval International you can also enjoy various discounts on flights and car rentals (as well as other deals and offers).

Villa del Palmar Loreto – Glamorous Camping

August 12, 2016 at 11:56 pm

Guests at Villa del Palmar’s Loreto resort can opt in to a totally new kind of vacation experience when they book a Danzante Bungalow. This provides a unique twist on the glamorous seaside vacation that is generally enjoyed on the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. This beautiful Baja California resort is located in the heart of some seriously beautiful countryside, in the midst of some of the region’s most iconic natural wonders. This is the perfect place to have a fun weekend of glamping in the midst of Mexico’s natural glory.

Glamorous Camping at Villa del Palmar Loreto

Glamping, or rather, glamorous camping, is a recent phenomenon and it’s becoming increasingly popular. When you reserve a Danzante Bungalow at Villa del Palmar Loreto Glamping is easy to achieve. The Danzante Bungalows are luxury cabins located at the very outer edge of the resorts grounds, just a few feet from the soft, pristine sands of the beach.

The appeal of the Danzante Bungalows is that they offer everything you need to be comfortable, everything that travellers love about Villa del Palmar Loreto’s luxury rooms, and adds the unique facet of being closer to nature than ever before. The panel walls of the cabin can even be pulled back to give the most stunning views of Danzante Bay.

The room features a huge master bedroom which boasts a king-sized bed, a fully equipped bathroom, a living area, a beachfront view and a private terrace which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beauty found in abundance here. The Danzante Bungalows are the perfect meeting point between glamping and traditional hotel experiences. You see a Danzante Bungalow has views of the starry sky, seclusion and peace, but also offers climate control, an outdoor (private) hot-tub and a Bose sound system. With such amenities and mod cons you can be sure that you’re not sacrificing luxury or comfort in your quest to be closer to the wonders of the natural world.

Villa del Palmar Loreto in nature

The Danzante Bungalows came to be because the Villa del Palmar Loreto management heard their guests remarking upon the stunning beauty of the Sierra de la Giganta Mountain Range, and the breath-taking beauty of the pristine waters of Danzante Bay. They heard their guests saying that they would love to spend all day and night outdoors if they could, and decided to make this a reality. When they stay in a Danaznte Bungalow guests can experience the thrill of the natural world in the luxury of a 5 star resort.

Top Summer Scams to Avoid

July 22, 2016 at 7:12 pm

During the hot summer months when vacationers and travelers are relaxing in the warm weather and have their guard down is a prime time for scammers to operate. You may be visiting an unfamiliar town where you are more likely to be targeted by scammers. There are numerous scams and some of the more common ones to look out for are set out below.

Short Change Summer Scams

This is a common practice, not limited to summer scams which is usually operated by shop staff or taxi drivers. It involves conning you out of your rightful change. You pay for your service with a note, and quickly they will drop a lower value bill and suggest you have not given them enough money or they will give you change for the lower currency bill. The way around this is to make sure you say to them the value of the note you are handing over.

Online Accommodation Scams

These involve the renting of summer vacation properties. Adverts can be placed in local newspapers or on non vetted websites offering rental properties last minute at maybe bargain rates. On answering the advert, you will be asked to pay for the rental in advance by a wire transfer as they will not accept a credit card. This is the scam as when you arrive at your rental, you will find that it is an invalid address or someone (owner or tenant) is in the property and knows nothing about any rental agreement. You have been scammed and the renter is off enjoying the high life on your money. Beware these kinds of summer scams.

Food Delivery Scams

If you have had a long trip to your vacation destination and have arrived late at night when all the restaurants are closed, you sometimes are hungry and want some food. Beware, because scammers can operate in this situation as well. You may have been handed a flyer or have one pushed under your door advertising a late night delivery service. You call the number, place your order and pay by credit card as they do not accept cash on delivery. The food does not arrive, and when you call the number again you get no reply. The scammers have your credit card details and are then free to make purchase using your card information.

Scams at Check-In

This is another common summer scam which usually happens late at night. You check in at your hotel giving all the usual credit card deposits and information. You are tired and go off to bed. The phone then rings claiming to be from the hotel reception desk, querying some of your credit card details or saying your card has been declined and can you confirm the details or give particulars of another card. Sleepy and fatigued from your trip, you do so. In the morning, when fresh, you check with reception and they confirm that they did not make any call. Scammers have got your card info and potentially can scam you out of a lot of money.

Internet Wi-Fi Scams

Beware of Wi-Fi scams. Most vacation locations like bars and public places have many opportunities to log on to free Wi-Fi services. Remember though that it may be free but it may not be secure. Scammers can set up counterfeit networks which will be able to steal your email details and maybe even your online banking details.

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